5 songs worth waiting for Romeo Santos concert in Mexico

Romeo Santos will appear in Mexico on August 16. are you ready@? (Getty Images)

of music Romeo Santos It is synonymous with love, sensuality and inspiration. The Dominican singer has stood out in a very competitive style and in a vast territory in the Caribbean market since the beginning of his career juan luis guerra The following became the image and model. This one 16 augustLa Bachata Idol Will be present at CDMX in Campo Marte on the part of Latin American Gastronomic and Cultural FestivalAnd to warm up the engine, we present you 5 songs to wait for the Romeo Santos concert in Mexico.

Rome Santos

5 songs worth waiting for Romeo Santos concert in Mexico

Anthony Santos, his real name, began in music from a very young age with his cousin Henry and a few boys who shared the last name without having any family ties: brothers Max and Lenny Santos, who would be in charge of them as group letters. To put melody in

Tinelers de la Bachata were previously called ‘tinelers’ in a nod to the English word teenagers, meaning juvenile). With this name they recorded their first album called ‘Trampa de Amor’, but then they stepped into the world phenomenon called Aventura.

The theme ‘Obsession’ opened the door to the world and became one of the anthems of the genre. Since then, he recorded 6 discs in a studio that brought him international fame and gave rise to the motto “Los Reyes de la Bachata”. For much of that time, Romeo had already adopted his stage name thanks to the song ‘Todavia me amas’, in which he included the phrase “Ni el amor de Romeo y Julieta will be so great”, comparing himself to William. Used to do with the mythological personality of Kama. .Shakespeare.

For 2010, the group ended with The Goodbye Tour, amidst a storm of rumors of an internal rift, which were later clarified. In 2019, the quartet reunited to release the song ‘Immortal’ and do a short tour as a final farewell.

as a solo artist

Romeo launched in 2011 his first album as a solo artist Topic ‘Formula Volume 1‘, in which he debuted with a large number of collaborations, which alone would be the sales of the following four productions of his career: Usher, Mala Rodriguez, Drake, Christian Nodal, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Daddy Yankee, Mario Dome and Rosalia Son, some of the actors who have appeared on it.

‘Formula Vol. 2’, ‘Golden’, ‘Utopia’ or ‘Formula Vol. 3’ This discography is complemented, of which we share with you 5 songs to warm up your engines for this August 16, when the Dominicans will perform in Campo Marte as part of their last production Synonymous tour, kick off Will go Are you @ the list?

It was his first simple solo artist. The singer chose to start with this new theme clarifying his new musical proposal. love around. did you hear it?

indecent Proposal

For his second production, Romeo decided to start promoting the album with this song. The title says it all, but what really benefits is to watch you interact with a Mexican eiza gonzalez In role video clip. Unforgettable:

favorite hero

Nadi can resist a world of superheroes, not even the world’s most famous singers. So, in this paper, the Dominican compares himself with the most representative heroes of Marvel and DC Comics to give us this topic that was launched on February 14, 2017. Que viva el amor!


For the fourth disc, Romeo gave his fans the return of Aventura. After 10 years the Escuchar de Nuevo al Quartet was worth every second of the wait. And yes, it seems that Avventura’s music is immortal. ¡Subele!

El paulo ft. rosalia

If anyone ever thought that flamenco and bachata would come together, I certainly didn’t think the combination would turn out so well. Rosalia joins ‘Formula Vol. 3’ to make this piece next to Santos. Result? This jewel:

What’s left What are not your biggest opinion.

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