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One week on display barbie Won the hearts of distinguished critics and audiences around the world. In Brazil, the overpriced production took a hit at the box office and achieved the second biggest opening day in the history of cinemas in the country. Margot Robbie stars in Pink movie, but who really stole the show Ryan Gosling in the skin of Ken. The actor manages to infuse charisma and a lot of humor into the character, who provides some of the best scenes in the feature – a pleasant surprise indeed. Gosling’s path through Hollywood hasn’t always been the most tumultuous, as the actor has had ups and downs in choosing his roles. However, few of them are as spectacular as the current success. Memorization:

valentine forever (2010)
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

A couple who have been together for years watch their relationship crumble, facing anguish and the looming threat of an end. More melancholic than romantic, the plot unfolds in a non-linear narrative that continually returns to the beginning of the relationship, when optimistic passion was the tonic between the two. Along with the always excellent Michelle Williams, Gosling provides the necessary depth to a character in times of crisis – as well as his usual charm in the pair’s happy-go-lucky scenes.

To drive (2011)
Where to watch: Netflix

The talented driver divides his driving time between two pursuits: he works as a stunt double in movie stunts and also drives getaway cars in heists. Calm and calculating even in his violent outbursts, Gosling plays the unnamed protagonist with equal precision. The actors share the screen with such legends as Bryan Cranston, Carey Mulligan and Oscar Isaac. In the hands of Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, the perilous adventure takes on a unique aesthetic when it comes to playing with lights and neon colors.

La la Land (2016)
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Star+ and HBO Max

Perhaps Gosling’s best-known work in recent years, the musical romance is a charming tribute to Los Angeles, the city of stars – and Hollywood, by extension. Between dreams, triumphs and setbacks, the couple Sebastian and Mia (Emma Stone, Oscar for the role) try to prove that their talents are worthy of recognition in that artistic universe: she, as an actress; He was an avid jazz musician. Here, the blonde heartthrob also shows off Time Perfectly suited for humour, when it comes to singing and dancing, he works with his visual partner in adorable and sentimental songs.

two good people (2016)
Where to watch: Netflix and HBO Max

For those who want to laugh along with the actor as he did while watching Kane, this cop comedy is a great option. Opposite Russell Crowe, Gosling plays a classic bumbling, timid private detective. In the 1970s, the pair were hired by an employee of the US Department of Justice whose daughter had been kidnapped. With sizzling chemistry from the very first scene, the pair embark on a colorful and fun adventure, fueled by an impeccable soundtrack.

blade runner 2049 (2017)
Where to watch: Netflix

three decades later blade Runner Ridley Scott’s original, released in 1982, saw director Denis Villeneuve turn science fiction’s dark and bleak future into a beautiful painting — and he had Gosling’s insightful interpretation for it. In the feature, she is K, a replica hunter who works for the LAPD with exemplary obedience, until a surprising discovery draws her into an existential journey that forces her to question the humanity inherent in androids like her. Will give The cast also includes Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas and Jared Leto.

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