12 Actors Who Hated Their Directors

Sometimes things go wrong on film sets. Ego kicks in, feelings get hurt and controversies lead to some actors feeling resentful towards their directors.

Despite good intentions, sometimes actors just downright hate their directors. One of the directors’ many jobs on a film set is to guide the actors to deliver their best performances. Ideally, the relationship between actors and directors should be based on trust and respect, as the actor commits himself to the director and his vision. However, with much greater frequency, this is not the case. Regardless of whether it’s about hereditary egos, demanding directors or even the drama that ensues after the cameras are off, actors can get annoyed with their directors.

Sometimes, this hatred can be reflected on screen, as on-set drama taints the finished film, while other times both the actor and the director do their best work under unpleasant circumstances. Some of these disputes end with relationships never getting back together, but others can turn into strained working relationships, leading to many bad collaborations. Here are sweet examples of actors who hated their directors.

12. Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith in Cops Out

have worked together before Bruce Willis In live Free or Die Hard, Kevin Smith He was thrilled to be reuniting with his childhood icon. However, Smith said in a Cinemablend interview that Willis did not like that he directed it fanatically and that he would tell the director “Super, you’re an adult”, Willis encountered difficulties on set as he was unimpressed with Smith’s lack of technical knowledge when in front of the camera. Willis declined the promotion cop outBut Smith would spend the next year recounting the stories of his early animistad included in his book The Secret Hideout of Kevin Smith: The Definitive Visual History,

11. Burt Reynolds and Paul Thomas Anderson

actors Burt Reynolds and Paul Thomas Anderson

Boogie Nights It is one of the best and iconic movies of the 90s. Paul Thomas Anderson As burt reynolds He received an Oscar nomination for the film and it is remembered as one of his best works. However, Reynolds did not work well with the young director. in an interview with QAreynolds says so “En cuanto a la personality, no encajamos”, I learned that Anderson was very hot and skinny, given that the solo director was 26 at the time. However, this outburst did not harm the film, and, in a 2017 interview, Anderson said it helped make the most intense scenes feel real.

10. George Clooney and David O’Russell

George Clooney and David O'Russell

David O’Russell He is a very difficult director, has a controlled attitude and has little patience. This has caused many actors and actresses to face resentment from the filmmaker lily tomlin or Amy Adams, However, O’Russell’s most intense battle was George Clooney on the set of tres reyes, Clooney was not happy with the way O’Russell directed the set, and occasionally argued with him. Reportedly, years after the two had a fist fight and the film was over, Clooney said of the director: “To be honest, if you approach me, I’ll punch you straight in the face”,

9. Megan Fox and Michael Bay

Megan Fox and Michael Bay

when you crash Transformers: The Dark Side of the Luna In 2011, a notable absence was the character of Mikaela Benes. what caused this Megan Fox I was not invited to the third film of the Transformers franchise because of a fight with him Michael Bay, Bay is known for executing his sets in a chaotic manner, and Fox stated in an interview with Wonderland that Bay “I want to be like Hitler on my sets, yes. It feels like a bad dream”, These comments made Bay uncomfortable, leading him to replace Fox in Transformers 3. However, Fox and Bay settled the dispute and she would star in other films they produced.

8. Adrien Brody and Terrence Malick

Adrien Brody and Terrence Malick

Before releasing his epic war film, la thin linea rosa in 1998, Terrence Malick 20 years passed without reflector adrien brody Cable managed to land the role of Geoffrey Fife, the main character of the soap opera the film was based on. Brody filmed the entire film believing he was the star, but in La Delgada Linea Rosa several roles were switched and the focus shifted away from Brody. Jim Caviezel, Malik is a filmmaker without framework, he gets history only during filming or editing. Brody didn’t seem to care about the change until he was at the premiere of the film, and has been angry with Malick ever since.

7. Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott

Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott

blade Runner Filming it was not easy. Production consistently exceeded schedule ridley scott He is a very challenging director. it only causes friction between you Harrison Ford, But the most interesting drama is produced after the premiere of the film. Scott felt the story would work better if Ford’s character, Deckard, was a replicant, and worked on this plotline while re-editing Blade Runner. Ford was strongly opposed to the idea and discussed it with Scott for decades. Denis VilleneuveDirector of blade runner 2049I said in an interview with Cinemablend that both “They are still arguing about it. If you lose your place of residence, no Aston Day. and introduced a hublar muy alto cuando lo hasen”.

6. Ray Fisher and Joss Whedon

Ray Fisher and Joss Whedon

technically, ray fisher never acted in any recognized film joss whedon, However, when zack snyder I had to go justice league, Whedon was hired to look after extensive rewrites. Fisher made some surprising allegations against Whedon for his behavior on set. At ground level, the film was reworked so that Cyborg was no longer relevant, but that Whedon was possibly being actively disrespectful and rude to the film’s original actors. These allegations caused Warner Bros. to launch an investigation into its production. Justice League, Fischer’s co-star also included ben affleckHan provided more details about the fraudulent production.

5. Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle

Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle

Early in his career, Ewan Mcgregor or Danny Boyle worked together extensively including films like trainspotting, While Boyle was preparing for his fourth film, beachhad planned that McGregor was the hero, but 20th century Fox He offered Boyle a potential mayorship in exchange for the election. Leonardo Dicaprio, Boyle accepted the deal, causing a rift in his friendship with McGregor. in an interview with Graham NortonMcGregor said:

“It was about our friendship, and I felt like I was in Danny’s first three movies… and I wasn’t in the fourth one, and I was a little lost. I didn’t understand. And no hablamos por mucho tiempo. It was a huge waste”,

Fortunately, the two eventually reconciled and worked together again for T2: Trainspotting.

4. Edward Norton and Tony Kaye

Edward Norton and Tony Kaye

sea ​​bien Edward Norton He is a famous actor, he controls his projects a lot and stands in the way of directors and writers. it is especially clear American history Xwhere they practically replaced Tony Kaye as director. Norton often gave Kaye notes and changes to the script so that the film would fit his vision. When the two weren’t waking up, the studio favored Norton, as he was the star of the film. This enraged Kaye, who felt he was discrediting his film. I even asked that the name of the finished film be removed.

3. Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog

Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog

Perhaps the most infamous fight in the history of cinema is between Klaus Kinski or werner herzog, Both the men worked in several films, including nosferatu, aguiar or fitzcarraldo, Yes, they could describe themselves as close friends, both were very eccentric and, alas, had unpleasant fights on the set. Aguirre and Fitzcarraldo’s sets were among the most unpleasant in cinema history, and Herzog even threatened Kinski with violence. The outdoor rivalry between the two has spawned some of the most interesting films of the 20th century, including a documentary. my personal enemy since 1999.

2. Ed Harris and James Cameron

Ed Harris and James Cameron

Ed Harris has declined to speak publicly about his experiences working in ‘The Secret of the Abyss’Saying “No Hablare de the Abyss y Nanca lo Hare”, The documentary is the only record of Harris talking about his experiences making the film. Under Pressure: As in ‘The Abyss’ (1993), Harris was near death from drowning on 2 occasions.

The worst happened when Harris took a fluid-filled hull and had to hold his breath. When it was left without air, it signaled the need for oxygen, but its safety cover got tangled up in a cable and I couldn’t reach it. Another member of the production gave Harris a regulator, but it was upside down and he had to drink water. underwater director of photography Al Giddings I looked at what was happening, took the regulator out in reverse and read it in the correct orientation. Harris was troubled by James Cameron To continue filming while this was happening. There are also reports (unconfirmed) that Harris hit Cameron.

1. Shelley Duvall and Stanley Kubrick

Shelley Duvall and Stanley Kubrick

If there are directors capable of traumatizing their actors, he was one of them. Stanley Kubrick (Followed by David Fincher), Kubrick was a perfectionist, but he also recognized that if he wanted to get the right response from his actors, he would have to put unimaginable pressure on them. it was a nightmare shelley duval During the filming of ‘El Resplander’. Duvall suffered 13 months of torture in which Kubrick interrogated the rest of the cast and crew who were not kind to him and even ignored him. Didn’t Kubrick reveal the development of some scenes and did he repeat the take in a nonsensical song? Sometimes with the aim of driving him to authentic insanity.

Thus the iconic shower scene in El Resplander was shot a total of 127 times, with Jack Nicholson destroying a total of 60 doors. Duvall suffered mental consequences and lost his hair due to the stress. I really hate Kubrick. Decades later, in 2016, I announced that filming l resplendent It was hell for everyone involved, but he recognized that “if the director hadn’t done what he did with such force and ferocity, he wouldn’t have gotten the same result in the film”.

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