11 benefits of exercising and how it helps your physical and mental health

You find it hard to find motivation play sports or do something physical activity? discover advantages train for you body And you intelligence.

Do exercise regularly contributes multiple times advantages To organism. Experts in medicine indicate that sport and physical activity help to improve the condition healthboth on the same level physical How mental.

Why are we happier when we exercise?

There are four hormones which the body naturally secretes and which contribute to the achievement of the state welfare: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin And endorphins. sports psychologist mercedes rubio he calls them the “four of happiness”. To increase production, he proposes to make outdoor sportsV company other people who have some goals marked or what competition.

How exercise helps mental health

neuroscientist Nazareth Castellanos talk about in this video advantages belonging exercise For mental health. when you do physical activity on a regular basis you brain also remains in the form: “The hippocampus, which is the most important part for memory, becomes stronger. He neural forest which lives in the hippocampus, grows, and it’s great protective“In addition, the expert states that such disciplines as yoga contribute strengthen He brain.

Benefits of training: weight control

combination healthy eating and exercise is the recommended formula for lose weight. Do sport or work out physical activity is the key to To burn calories And lose weight.

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Strengthen your muscles and bones with exercise

Sports activities help strengthen is yours muscles And bones. In addition, it delays the loss bone density what happens over the years. physical activity protects you from osteoporosis And arthritisin addition to reducing risk from falls and, perhaps injury.

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Exercise helps prevent disease

Sanitas And Mayo Clinic indicate that regular exercise reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseaseshelps control diabetes and reduces the chances of suffering from it, regulates cholesterol levels, reduces hypertension and prevents many types cancer.

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Improve your mood by exercising

He exercise stimulates the production hormones that help improve your mood. Ray sport and you will feel more happy. In addition, on I’m watching you they can increase your trust and your self-esteem.

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If you exercise, you will have more energy and stamina.

Practical exercise on a regular basis helps to have more energy, endurance And force V muscles. If you notice that you Are you tired easily or out of breath after certain tasks, physical activity can improve your heart health And pulmonary so you body be more efficient.

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Do you want to sleep better? Get regular exercise

if you are suffering insomnia or sleep problems exercise it will help you cost less Fall asleep To nights. Keep in mind that you must do this at least two hours before your visit bednot to be too active when it’s time rest. try to get used to body be anxiety To Tomorrow And relaxed To evening.

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Exercise allows you to communicate and have fun

He physical exercise this is also the way be related to with other people and have fun. Communicate This habit it can make you happier if you practice it diary.

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Extend your life with physical activity

“People who physically active 150 minutes a week is mortality risk for any reason, which is 33% less than those who are physically inactive,” exposes CDC, US National Public Health Agency. You don’t need activity intense for prolong your life. It may be enough to take a walk or a little exercise. sport.

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Use exercise to reduce stress levels

If you have a level stress high, exercise This might be the way to put the solution. Practicing physical activityyou let go endorphins in that brainwhich have a powerful effect when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

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Regular exercise reduces the risk of depression

Experts Sanitas indicate that regular exercise Maybe reduce the risk suffering from depression and helping people I feel better with myself. It also reduces the likelihood of suffering from dementia in old age.

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Improve your sex life through exercise

physical activity regular can increase the level energy and increase your trust About you appearancethat can stimulate your sex life,” says Mayo Clinic. Men those who exercise regularly have fewer problems with erectile disfunction. sexual arousal may increase in women who is exercising.

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