10 Fun Facts About the Movie Miss Congeniality

“Miss Congeniality” is one of those films that continues to delight audiences many years after its release with its smart humor and memorable characters. The comedy, which premiered in 2000, starred the talented Sandra Bullock as FBI Agent Gracie Hart.

The film follows the story of Gracy, who is forced to participate in a beauty pageant in order to prevent a terrorist attack. Here are 10 fun facts about this beloved movie.

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facts about the movie miss congeniality

  1. Sandra Bullock was the executive producerIn addition to playing the lead character Gracie Hart, Sandra Bullock also served as the film’s executive producer. This gave him the opportunity to play a bigger role in the creative decision making of the film.
  2. improvisation: The scene where Gracie pulls a gun out of her panties during the competition was improvised by Sandra Bullock. The production team liked the idea so much that they decided to keep it in the film.
  3. food and beauty: The pizza that Gracie Hart enthusiastically eats at the beginning of the film was actually made without cheese. This is because Sandra Bullock is allergic to dairy products.
  4. special partnership: William Shatner, who played beauty pageant host Stan Fields, was not in the original script. His character was added later.
  5. name change: The film was originally going to be called “Miss Undercover”. The title was changed to “Miss Congeniality”, which in Brazil translates as “Miss Congeniality”.
  6. reality and fiction: The film was shot during an actual beauty pageant, “Miss Texas”, to give more realism to the plot.
  7. beauty trainingSandra Bullock trained with a beauty pageant coach to prepare for the role.
  8. travel record: During filming, Sandra Bullock fell 12 times while wearing her evening dress and high heels.
  9. classic referenceThe name of Sandra Bullock’s character, Gracie Hart, is an homage to classic radio and television era comedian Gracie Allen.
  10. box office success: “Miss Congeniality” grossed over $200 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest box office hits of the year 2000.

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