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Manu wants to create history with his song ‘Elusa’.

Talented American singer, songwriter and performer ManuOf Colombian priests, has been recognized for its participation in various musical realities on international and national television, the main ones being: the fourth season of La Voz Kids de Telemundo in 2016 where it will be part of the team Natalia Jiménez.

Luego, with your participation in 2022 From the NBC television series ‘The Voice’where she was the only woman able to perform the song “Shallow” in front of celebrities Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Blake Shelton, supported by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

At the end of that year, I’m going to record original music with friends and perform at various local venues every weekend. Recently Sensilo ‘Illusa’, a subject that able to leave behind the illusions of the past and find strength and courage in the present or self love, With this theme, the artist wanted the name of the song to sum up, in a word, its message; It was obvious and it attracted attention.

In ‘Illusa’ you will find a mixture of sounds and elements of dance and synth pop. have a song Inspired by 80s nostalgia, Which never goes out of fashion.

Manu assures, “For my ‘Illusa’ is to live without fear or superficial illusions. Leaving behind the dreamy love of adolescence.”

Pedro Vengoechea is the producer of this single, as well as its writer. Daniel Uribe also participates in guitars that have worked for such greats as Camilo, Karol G, Manuel Turizzo. Farios and Sebastian Lopera (Camilo, Andrés Cepeda and Maluma) in mixing and mastering and Andy Evans in art and graphic design.

For Manu, his biggest hope is to know how much support his fans can get to sing ‘Elusa’, because it is his song First subject in Spanish.

“It is very beneficial for me to be able to return to Colombia and sing something in my mother tongue”Manu indicated.

‘Illusa’ is the start of what is expected in their next EP, along with their other Sensillos Karma, TBD, Special and Miss You; With ‘Illusa’, a theme that will release in July 2023.

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Published: 2023-08-03

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