when health is in small doses

In some situations, a low or relatively low dose of certain active ingredients may help us. On the other hand, exposure to high doses can be very harmful. This is what is called hormesis and this is the quality of many remedies collected not only in the homeopathic materia medica, but also in the general path of medical allopathy.

The key is in the dose and in the sensitivity to the response..

What is hormesis?

Word hormesis was born in the field of toxicology. It’s about dose-response phenomenonIt is characterized by stimulation at low doses and inhibition at high doses.

In other words, the administration relatively low doses drugs or active principle can benefit and strengthen us. However, on the other hand, excessive exposure very high doses the same medicine, it can cause just the opposite effect and be bad for our health.

Interview with Carlos Lopez Otin

For example, in heliotherapy, sun exposure is considered important for health. A dosed and constant exposure to the sun can be of great benefit. But to be naked at 13:00 on a hot summer day, without prior adaptation, protection or clothing that covers us, you can get burned and seriously injured.

When vitamins and microelementssmall doses are not only beneficial, but necessary for health, and large doses can be dangerous.

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