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HotRat is a new cyber threat that experts liken to “an intruder at a party who eats all your snacks and then steals your wallet.” This Trojan poses a significant cybersecurity threat as it is capable of stealing user’s personal information, taking screenshots of Internet activity, and downloading other types of malware.

Avast, a virus protection and cybersecurity software company, has identified HotRat as a dangerous virus that can create opportunities for other attacks, including ransomware, that can lead to ransomware and exacerbate financial consequences for affected individuals and organizations.

Most worryingly, HotRat hides inside hacked or pirated software from major companies such as Adobe and Microsoft, as well as popular video games and office applications that are advertised for free on the Internet. Among the programs used by cybercriminals to spread this threat are Adobe Illustrator 2023, Microsoft Office 2022, The Sims 4 and others.

Cybercriminals can use HotRat to access bank accounts and steal crypto-currency wallets such as bitcoin, as well as attack web browsers and extract stored login credentials. One of the main problems is that users may not know they are infected because HotRat works unobtrusively and stealthily.

Cybersecurity experts call for prevention and offer recommendations to prevent the spread of HotRat and protect against information theft and additional malware. Among them:

1. Do not download hacked software or apps from suspicious websites and torrents as they contain hidden malware.
2. Only download software from official and trusted sources to reduce the risk of downloading malicious files.
3. Install reliable antivirus programs and update them regularly to detect and block potential threats.
4. Keep your operating system, software, and security tools up to date with the latest updates.
5. Do not open attachments or follow links in emails from unknown or suspicious sources.
6. Don’t trust ads from dubious sites.

Experts warn that there are no clear signs of a HotRat computer infection, so it is important to take preventive measures to protect yourself from the serious consequences that it can cause, such as theft of passwords and banking information, identity theft, encryption. data and loss of personal accounts.

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