‘Un Crime Con Class’: The soap opera that charmed Agatha Christie and Jane Austen fans

This a crime with class (Lumen) El gran superventas del verano? Necessary. Recommended until word of mouth goes viral (both traditional and millennial: social networks are also a phenomenon), this thriller “Tacitus’s” combining the best of both the British and universal literary universes with a unique rhythm: The mystery of Agatha Christie mixes with the simple frivolity of Jane Austen in the novel debut of Julia Seals,

Although born in Kentucky, Seales, like the rest of the planet, has been obsessed with everything England in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries for some time now. With a master’s degree in film writing from UCLA and a degree in English Philology from Vanderbilt University, Seales is recognized philanthropic and obsessed with good manners, and n a crime with class Lo Demoestra is transporting us to a ball in a mansion in the countryside where asesinato is produced. Los Suspecchos: A closed group of characters who Treat yourself to some great tips that are more important than hunting for assassins, At least to find the right husband. It’s no wonder that fans of Los BridgertonIn Downton Abbeyfrom and to the BBC james ivory It is with this period novel that Sullivan engages the most skeptical reader. Nor is it surprising to anyone that several studios in Hollywood have disputed the rights to a cinematographic adaptation of this excellent Caramel, whose humor and rhythms are to the liking of the most sophisticated. screwball comedies,

Author Julia Sills told EL Periodico de España, “I want to write this book clearly well.” “I wrote most of it during the pandemic. I wanted an escape and so, I tried to escape myself while writing, I wanted to create a world that included the cozy universe of Jane Austen, where women always catch their man, and the mysteries of Agatha Christie, where spies always catch her man”, a self-proclaimed fan of hers.

Written by Julia Seals./ Caroline Zeigrang

So much so that, according to Seales, many people lose their individuality. a crime with class Inspired by Jane Austen’s characters. “The protagonist, Beatrice Steele, has elements of Elizabeth Bennet, Catherine Moreland and Emma, ​​and also a hint of Miss Marple by Agatha Christie”, he explains. writers like humor William Goldman ,the promised princess you’ve lost your favorite personality juves crime club In Richard Osman”, Add also about other sources of inspiration that are found Arthur Conan Doyle, “Drake for the Inspector uses the characteristics of Mr. Darcy” by Austen and Sherlock Holmes.

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This unique cocktail reads so well you decide it’s cinematographic and you don’t want it to be shorter. “It was a great honor to have the book as an option for TriStar Pictures. And I’m very excited to have the opportunity to write a screenplay for myself. Hollywood can be a very different experience than the publishing world, because you need a pueblo to bring the script to life. I hope the project reaches the right team of professionals”, tells the author about its impending adaptation on screen.

A screen on which, of course, the nostalgia of Anglophilia does not seem to fade away: En septiembre llega a los cinemas mystery in venice (the third adaptation of Agatha Christie’s work by Kenneth Branagh) and will premiere its third season on Netflix in December Los Bridgerton. The Seals, for their part, recognize the alluring charm of an era and a country in which protocol was the capital. “I was born and raised in Kentucky, and while we are far from England, The South of the United States has many parallels with the prestige-driven society of Regency times in England., We are charmed by good ways, and a good reputation is very important”, explains the novel writer before delivering excellent news for her readers. “I have lots of ideas about how I can continue the story and I would love to have the opportunity to delve deeper into the worlds of Beatrice and Inspector Drake. There are many more matters that should be resolved…”, he says goodbye.

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