Twitch has blocked one of the largest sources of income for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamers – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Twitch bans bookmakers from advertising Counter Strike skins

betting on twitch they are a topic that has been at the center of the debate for months. Fraudulent bookmakers didn’t like Twitch, so they decided nip the problem in the bud and ban the promotion of these sites from October 2022. However, the new rule means that this is not limited to traditional casinos.

We put you in context: in recent days, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive content creator released a report in which he indicated that up to 75% streamers Biggest on Twitch, focused on Valve’s game, ever promoted gambling Related to Shells weapons available in the game.

Now, after several days of silence, Twitch has updated its rules, and through the platform’s website, we have learned that they forbidden suddenly promotion of these bookmakers focused on these valuable Counter Strike skins.

Though it may seem silly, it notes before and after in the game inside the platform. These pages offer streamers an absurd amount of money to promote gambling that continues to have the same momentum as the traditional bookmaker. For most, these stocks are theirs. biggest source of incomesince the fees they receive are quite high and the profit they can make through these pages can be huge.

As expected, whoever can benefit from this decision, kick. The Stake-owned platform is looking pretty good at the earnings from these bookies, which are using aspects of Counter Strike as a showcase so that many young people are willing to spend some of their money.

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