They are creating a Holocaust museum in Fortnite; Epic approves.

In the years since his spectacular rise, Fortnite It has evolved from a simple multiplayer offering to a massive content platform that, among other things, gives creators the ability to share their ideas with the community. Yes, Battle Royale is a play space for concerts, movies, TV and more, but it can also be a virtual museum and Luc Bernard created an example of this.

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They represent the Holocaust museum created in Fortnite

Luc Bernard, game director Light in the darkannounced via his Twitter account that Epic Games has approved his project to create a Holocaust museum in Fortnite. Creativity is proud that its video game is the industry’s first to deal with this topic, and this time around it has taken advantage of the Unreal Editor’s tools to create a museum of the grim passage of WWII that aims to reach an audience that is not a regular museum visitor as well as uses Fortnite as a platform for teaching history players.

According to Luc Bernard, emotions, combat and destruction are disabled in his creation, so if the player wants to do his own thing, he simply cannot do it. Museum of the Holocaust in Fortnite It has rooms that display images that tell what happened and descriptions of the criminal acts that took place against the Jewish community during that historical period.

Additionally, the creative said he was excited to bring this type of content to an audience of over 400 million users, in addition to sharing the figure that 80% of North Americans don’t go to museums, so in this case the museum goes to them.

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