The Victoria’s Secret Show returns with a new format at the hands of Doja Cat. LOS40

it’s been five years Victoria’s Secret They decided to set Punto Y apart from their famous parades full of angels. Times had changed and the show, which had already been presented by the famous lingerie firm, did not enjoy the same popularity as in its first years. Other shows like Rihanna’s Fenty, featuring all body types and more focused on television, gained popularity.

This 2023, The Lenseria Firm is returning with a new show for Prime Video which will premiere next 26th September. And do it with one of the biggest stars of the moment: doja cat, The American singer, who has become a fashion icon in recent years, will head a content cartel that Prime Video has produced with Victoria’s Secret, which they market as the “Victoria’s Secret World Tour”.

A very special content where viewers can watch a fashion show which will have its own documentary part. Of course, Doja Cat will be one of the heroes. Solo will bring in some looks from the firm, as well as the soundtrack for the show. It must be remembered that the last time we saw a fashion show from the lingerie company was in 2018.

Doja Cat spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about being a part of the experience. Yep, I’m happy to say it caught me: “Victoria’s Secret has been a fun brand since its inception, and I’m glad I can still say that. Being a part of a global phenomenon like the Tour has been an incredible experience”.

What’s in the Victoria’s Secret World Tour?

As announced by Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria’s Secret’s new format seeks to bring the brand closer to its followers by getting to know the 20 creatives it collaborates with. In this way, we can see how the process of creating the new collection of sets that will be revealed in the new edition of their iconic fashion show goes.

Doja Cat, who in addition has a gift for fashion, has also been part of these designs, has created her own: a futuristic design with nude tones with latex material. Some gifts with which Doja herself affirms that she feels “powerful”.

We can’t wait to see this new edition of the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Will it be able to repeat the success of its previous format?

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