The Giants are in the “top four” in the League of Legends Super League

giantsesports club from Malaga, is on the verge of reaching the semi-finals League of Legends Super League, the main video game competition in Spain. The team led by André Guilloteau lost by KOI in the game, which reached the fifth map, but finally lost their level on the opponent’s side. With this result, the Giants League of Legends team says goodbye to the summer season with the “top four”. The next challenge is the Iberian Cup which runs from October to November.

The giants were very close. Both teams had a heartbreaking roller coaster match: the Malaga block started to lose, won two maps, came close to winning the fourth, but did not finish it, lost it and ended in a fatal outcome in the fifth. The quintet of Attila, Th3Antonio, Xerxe, Decay and Whiteinn blocked the course after failing to compete for the finals. A bittersweet aftertaste for a team that has grown and grown throughout the season. An eighth league title for the Giants, the country’s most successful organization, will have to wait.

The Giants and KOI gave the competition a worthy show. A year ago, the Superleague match did not reach the fifth decisive map. Lots of emotion in a championship known for its twists and turns. Although Gilhoto’s men caressed the 3-1 victory with their fingers, KOI were able to resist and answer truthfully. The Giants won both regular league games against KOI. Yet another proof of how unpredictable the League of Legends Super League, hosted by the League of Video Games Professional (LVP), is.

In terms of play, Malacitano’s block didn’t start well, who soon ran out of options and was severely penalized by the damage accumulated by KOI on the map. The tone was different in the second, in which the Giants went on to authoritatively record a tie on the scoreboard. Decay’s Leblanc and Th3Antonio’s Poppy recorded a draw. While one beat, the other shielded.

The third map was an exercise in resistance for the giants, who had to rise up and make the clock tick so that their lineup would reach enough strength against the KOI who kept accumulating cymbals and heralds at the start. However, with the inspiration of Decay and Th3Antonio’s Ornn, the team from Costa del Sol balanced their forces and took the group bout victory to take the lead in the leaderboard.

Even though the offer was close, KOI responded by putting it 2-2 after a very crazy game in which Guilhoto’s men threw themselves into some “team fights” that would allow them to draw. The fifth map didn’t know how to optimally execute the Giants to be hunted and add a few win conditions that didn’t happen, and between Baka and the Stand, KOI knew how to end the streak.

“Now it hurts everyone: the players, the fans, me… But if you look at objective things, a lot has been achieved. Clearly, more could have been achieved, and for an organization like the Giants, that shouldn’t be happy. , but we have overcome many barriers and we should be proud of it. We have to keep working to always see ourselves in the playoffs and be able to win the title,” coach Gilhoto said after the fight.

Now the League of Legends roster will take a break and will soon take part in the Iberian Cup 2023, which in this edition will be decided in person at UBEAT Live in Barcelona from November 11 to 13.

Competition never stops: EVO Shanks and Valorant World Cup

Although the League of Legends team is going out of business, things are different with other sections of the club. This weekend, Joan Namai “Shanks” will head to Las Vegas to compete in EVO 2023, the most important fighting game tournament in the world. Shanks, the national symbol in this type of game, will play Street Fighter VI and Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game that brought him the most joy. This would be Shanks’ “last dance” with DBFZ as he would later move to Street Fighter VI. The Catalan player was already fourth at EVO in 2019, fourth in the world placing him permanently on the national esports Olympus. In the last edition, he finished in the “top eight”.

On the other hand, the Valorant team has already started preparations in Los Angeles for Valorant Champions, the world championship for this video game, in which the giants will represent Malaga, Andalusia and Spain against the best international organizations. The Costa del Sol team will make their debut against EDWard Gaming at midnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

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