The first Public Health Prize for Primary Health Care of the Community of Madrid has been announced.

The Prize rules stipulate that at least one primary health care professional must appear in a project as a promoter or co-promoter, able to plan, develop, execute and supervise it, being open to the joint participation of other authors from fields other than primary care. health care (sports, education, social policy, humanization, municipalities, associations…). All information, as well as access to the presentation of applications, can be found on the Primary Health Care website of the Community of Madrid.

In particular, four awards are given that may represent different strands of a public health approach, such as: “Health Culture and Health Campaigns” for community interventions that are developed with community groups to inform or raise awareness of health care. well-being and quality of life.

The second line will focus on “Comprehensive Health Promotion Programs and Corporate Social Responsibility Experience” and aims to influence the organization of services to improve resources to address health problems in various areas such as health, education or social.

The third row is labeled “Health Education Projects”. It will feature an initiative that includes a combination of experiences to help individuals and communities improve their health through increased knowledge and health literacy.

Finally, you can also submit projects that are working on Digital Health because of its value in innovation and research applied to educational technology and community engagement.

The awards will be presented at the II Madrid Public Health Conference, which will take place on December 1 at the Fundación Caixa Fórum in Madrid.

The strategy emphasizes interdisciplinarity, interoperability and intersectorality, as well as coordination, collaboration and commitment to collaboration across sectors that are critical to public health (triple IC).

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