Shawn Mendes enjoys an escape to Ibiza: beach by day and disco by night LOS40

When summer comes, don’t know if boys fall in love or not, What’s clear to us is that Ibiza is full of famous faces. The Balearic Islands have added one more year to the favorite destination of the most important stars of the entertainment industry. Its pricy beaches, its crystal clear waters and its high prices (why not say it), make this island the perfect place for celebrities to hang out and enjoy the air and sun.

shawn mendes knows it well, The Canadian, who loves the sun and the beach (though it has to be deep so you don’t burn), will be on repeat this summer’s destination. And so the singer has returned to Ibiza: one of her favorite islands in the world. By the way, in 2021 he recorded his video clip on the island of Mallorca, Mallorca. Season of love. Plus, we’ve visited this Mediterranean destination on more than one occasion.

This August, Shawn Mendes went to Ibiza to relax. As expected, the paparazzi didn’t take long to capture them on camera. ¬°You can enjoy a favorite day!

Shawn, who has a green military shower, doesn’t run out of water all the time. He has also enjoyed a small boat with which he has traveled some creeks. But the matter did not stop here, like Buen Dominguero, the artist also took advantage of this to toast in the sun. The singer flashes a wide smile at all times. If we were not writing these lines right now and enjoying the beaches of Ibizancas, we would have gone there too.

i also enjoyed ibisenka night

But while Sean has been on the island to rest on land, he has also taken the opportunity to enjoy his night plans on the island. With a group of his friends, the singer went to one of the star nightclubs of the island: Ushuaia Ibiza. One of the favorite places for tourists to dance.

Either way, as we could see on social media, Sean had a great time at the disco. And nothing is more therapeutic than spending a few days in Ibiza.

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