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Invest millions with boost? stop it! Talking about sex, both conservative and liberal eyes will turn towards you. This is the formula that has been attracting the attention of the economy market since the beginning of the world. What is the Bible’s “flourish and increase” about? Why were Adam and Eve expelled from paradise? Which is the oldest profession in the world? He thought? This topic also serves to take advantage of people’s public image and tarnish it. The same act that serves to procreate or give happiness also serves to humiliate, separate, and exclude.

Want to ruin someone’s reputation? Present news about sex scandals to the press and social media gossip profiles. As the facts show, it has caused great harm in the world of politics, entertainment, religions, in great empires and reigns like Ancient Rome, in Pharaoh’s Egypt, in Chinese dynasties and even in the recent reign of . and democracy. Who doesn’t remember the sex scandal involving Princess Charles and Diana? Charles was the lover of Camilla Parker Bowles while Diana dated a horse riding instructor. The press harassment also provoked a car accident that killed the princess. Who does not remember the sex scandal involving US President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky?

But there are also situations in which sex damaged the careers of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Myra Cardi and many others. Curiosity about other people’s naked bodies or copulating bodies brought fame to those who did not intend such exposure and even those who did so intentionally. Remember “Peladona de Congonhas”? After this achievement, she remained in the media for a long time.

In literature, the Marquis de Sade—who wrote erotic fiction—became synonymous with sexual depravity, and his name even gave rise to the term “sadism”. He was arrested several times and ended his days in solitary confinement in an asylum. The second case is the trial of Oscar Wilde. In 1885 he filed a defamation complaint against the Marquess of Queensberry. Queensberry revealed to the press that the poet had had affairs with Alfred Taylor and Lord Alfred Douglas and even revealed the details of the relationship. Queensberry was acquitted and Wilde was arrested for indecency with men. After that, one of the greatest playwrights of the Victorian era, he was exiled and died in poverty.

In the arts, this type of anti-reputation weapon also ended the career of Maria Callas, the greatest opera singer of all time, after her extramarital affair with Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis became public. Not only did she withdraw from the stage, but also fell into a deep depression.

In the 1990s, Hollywood star Hugh Grant was arrested after hiring a prostitute in Los Angeles. And here in Brazil? There is no dearth of sex scandals. From Marquesa de Santos to Arthur Aguiar. Having sex (or not!) and publicizing it shocks public opinion and destroys reputations and careers. This is more serious than killing someone. Says Mario Gomes, the former Globo heartthrob who had his career and reputation destroyed after spreading fake news about using carrots as a dildo.

Last week, a call girl publicly said that player Neymar and athlete Pedro Scooby had sex. No proof of course! The spotlight is on Andresa Urach and the details of her sex life are not mentioned. Well, she is the kind of person who knows how to command the public as she knows what makes viral news. And, this week, there’s a new case: the story of presenter Dudu Camargo. What happened? A call boy came forward spreading the story that the presenter defecated on him during an alleged sexual act. Earlier, he spread the news that he had defecated in the SBT dressing room. Eschatology (meaning excrement) leads to the career of a TV professional in eschatology (a doctrine in theology and philosophy that deals with the ultimate destiny of man). Curious, isn’t it? Only this week’s story comes with excrement and… a sex scandal! Also because the earlier story was not as spicy and it was not “such a perfect shot” at the young man’s reputation.

The only thing I do know is that, in this whole thing, the whore is taking the opportunity to ask people to tag her profile in the comments of the gossip profiles (so she can get followers, of course! ) and to mention your name and mark the director of the reality show A Fazenda. Now this is the unbridled pursuit of fame. It’s a shame for her that her Instagram account got deleted for going beyond the platform’s usage policies because now she has to do some rework to gain new followers. He has to present a new scandal or other fake news detail with the host, after all, this is his craft as a new media personality.

Many cases are real and others are the product of human imagination and evil. But before knowing whether it is true or rumour, this news spreads like wings in the wind. Do you try to collect those feathers later?! It’s practically impossible! It is never an accident of nature, always a human action with some specific interests in mind, even if it costs one’s reputation, career, and even life. Who takes the loss? Dudu Camargo and many other celebrities who will not get the opportunity to work or do endorsements because brands and agencies usually do not investigate deeply what is true or what is false in this industry. They have only superficial information left over from word search systems. You can’t trust anything or anyone. Interestingly, this type of sensationalist journalism is successful in attracting public attention and advertising is not as successful in its conservative and fantasy-focused campaigns. Curiously, TV shows regulation of display of content at fixed times in advertisements and fictional works, and most curiously, narratives on news are seen loosely (without time restrictions or age group tags) as truth. goes. sites, social networks and videos (even live ones) on YouTube. go figure…

Let me warn those who seek fame: being famous is the easiest thing to achieve. All you have to do is go public with “hot gossip” about someone’s sex scandal. It’s hard to be famous because you have to prove that you’re good-natured, that you’re more than just a “pretty face and a fan”. And also you are lucky enough not to be the scapegoat this time because the ad will demand that you be a prince or princess to star in their fairy tales.

Lucílio Guimarães is a Public Image Strategist, Master Specialist at HSMU and creator of the Social and Public Image topic for the Bachelor in Economics of Digital Influence at PUC/PR.

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