series 5 starts this week

This week, the Netflix platform is a streaming service that marks the most premieres with a new movie, a new documentary and a new season of a series already known to the public.

But Amazon Prime and HBO Max also have news reserved for users.

1. Some in-laws away from the law…Netflix

Premiering this week is this comedy starring familiar names such as Pierce Brosnan, Adam Levine and Ellen Barkin.

The story is based on the eve of the wedding of a bank manager, Owen. Days before the ceremony, a banking institution is robbed and all evidence points to those responsible… Owen’s future in-laws.

2. The Horror of Dolores Roach – Amazon Prime

Inspired by the work of Sweeney Todd, this is the first season of the series starring Justina Machado.

After serving 16 years in prison, Dolores Roach returned to Washington Heights and opened a massage parlor. But in order to survive, the ex-convict is forced to take extreme measures…

3. In Menders of the Law – Netflix

Mickey Haller returns for another season at the wheel of his Lincoln, which he uses as a law office.

This second season is divided into two parts, with the last season arriving on the streaming platform only in August.

4. Wow! – Netflix

This documentary series is perfect for fans of 1980s music. It follows friends George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley on their journey from adolescence to global star status.

Netflix guarantees that this documentary offers unprecedented access to the archives of the two musicians, in addition to unreleased interviews.

5. Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalks Queer New York – HBO Max

“In the early 1990s, as homosexuality and hate crimes were on the rise as the AIDS crisis deepened, a serial killer stalks homosexuals in New York City, infiltrating strange nightlife to find his victims.”

This is the synopsis provided by HBO Max platform about this documentary series which without any bias addresses the prejudices of the time.

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