Ranking of all lead actor nominees in comedy series categories

announcement of Emmy Awards The nominations underscore that awards season is once again fast approaching. Nominations pack includes top-rated TV shows succession, Ted Bow, last of usit is white lotus, Interestingly, all eight spots in the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama category are exclusively taken by the cast. succession it is white lotus, Controversial Dalit Person dahmer With three acting nominations and two directing nominations, as well as a Best Limited Series nomination, it’s gotten a surprising amount of attention.

As it currently stands, the ceremony was recently postponed due to the ongoing strikes. Variety reported that a transfer by November is a strong possibility, following the precedent set in 2001 after 9/11. However, no one knows how long these strikes may last, there is no way of knowing for sure what the next awards season will be like. That said, here’s a look at the top nominees for comedy series. Here they are all sorted.

10 Jason Sudeikis – Ted Lasso

Apple TV+

With its third season, AppleTV+ Ted Bow His total Emmy nominations have grown to 61, of which he has won 11 so far. in the lead role, jason sudeikis London plays Ted Lasso, an American named Ted Lasso, who is coaching the AFC Richmond football team. The series has been consistently praised for its lack of skepticism and gentle approach to mental health, particularly in the world of men’s sport.

While Sudeikis still has a good chance to win, considering the show’s past performance at the awards, this third season was not the show’s best. It seems to have done its job, which is made even more apparent by the episodes being excessively long for no apparent reason.

9 Jenna Ortega – Wednesday

Jenna Ortega on Wednesday

Netflix earned 12 nominations for its first season Wednesday Won not only Emmys, but the whole world. Within weeks of its release, the teen detective series based on the Addams Family was everywhere and you were hooked. Jenna Ortega into stardom, and with good reason. Even negative or lackluster reviews of the series praised Ortega’s pivotal role.

Looks like he’s turned what could have been a simple reboot into something even more unique. Her work here is certainly impressive – running an entire series before the age of 20 isn’t easy – but if she had more to work with in the beginning, she might have come out even more.

8 Christina Applegate – Dead to Me

Christina Applegate in Dead to Me

Another Netflix series that has earned the lead actor an Emmy nomination this year dead to me Together Christina Applegate, The show stars Applegate as Jane, a widow who becomes an unlikely friend to Judy, played by Linda Cardinelli, who has also suffered a loss but has a dark secret. It approaches themes of heartbreak with a distinctive style of dark humor, which works to a greater and lesser extent throughout the season.

This final season may not be the show’s best, but Applegate’s performance remains excellent. Her and Cardinali’s magnetic chemistry as well as her comic timing is part of what makes the series work so well. She’s been nominated for every season so far, so it’ll be interesting to see if this is the year she finally wins.

7 Martin Short – Only Murders in the Building


With its second season, only murders in the building Her total Emmy nominations brought her to an astonishing 28. In its first season, both Martin Short And Steve Martin earned an acting nomination, but this year, it’s only smaller, now that his chances of winning are increased because the voting won’t be split. Amazingly, in each season of the murder mystery show, the three central characters investigate and podcast about a murder that happened in their apartment building.

Short, Martin and Selena Gomez have great chemistry and this trio represents most of the appeal for the more-ish whodunit. With the most outstanding character, Short generally stands out from the group, and it’s no surprise that he’s received a nomination this year.

6 Jason Segel – Shrinking

Jason Segel on Shrink on Apple TV+
Warner Bros. Television
Apple TV+

shrink Stars jason segel Like a grief therapist who is adopting a new approach to his practice: saying what he thinks. Comparisons have been made to the above due to the show’s AppleTV+ home, creators Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, and subject matter. Ted Bow, For example, in her review of The Bell, Alison Herman argues that it aims to Ted Bow But this is “without the same success”.

However, it can be argued shrink It takes a more interesting approach as it allows for the most realistic combination of sadness and hope existing at the same time. Segel’s performance is impressive, bringing both the humorous and deeply tragic components of his character to the screen.

5 Rachel Brosnahan – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

main video

In its five seasons, the wonderful mrs maisel Earned a total of 80 Emmy nominations, with 20 wins so far. got one of those last wins Rachel Brosnahan For her lead performance as Midge Maisel, but could she do it again? The story concludes in this final fifth season, which has been running since 2017.

Set in the 1950s and ’60s, The Midge begins with a woman whose husband has recently left her and finds a passion for stand-up comedy. Over the years, she’s slowly grown toward a triumphant ending, which is more in line with the character many have rooted for in recent years.

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4 Natasha Lyonne – Poker Face

Poker Face Natasha Lyonne Ryan Johnson
of great quality

Murder Mystery King Comes From Rian Johnson poker face, In this series, Natasha Lyonne Charlie, who has the ability to tell when someone is lying. When she’s forced to hit the road, she’s faced with a new mystery in each episode that she helps solve. Almost everything about the show is simple in the best possible way.

He does everything simply but with the best possible quality, and Leon’s performance is no exception. She has a level of charm that very few can compare to, and it’s the perfect medium for her to shine. There aren’t many actors who are more fun to watch, especially those whose performances stay true to life.

3 Bill Hader – Barry


with a final season that aired successionis on the same channel, even if it ends on the same night, Barry It didn’t get much attention in its most recent season. bill hader He is the star and one of the creators of the show in which he plays Barry, a hit man from the Midwest who moves to Los Angeles and becomes involved in the theater scene.

Hader also directed every episode of this final season, which is quite the feat and adds an interesting dimension to the series. Barry is a fascinating character, and it’s wonderful to see Hader in deeper roles outside of the pure comedy we’re used to seeing him do.

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Two Quinta Brunson – Abbott Elementary


When Abbott Elementary airing in 2021, it immediately became clear that the creator and star Brunson Farms He got a blow on his hand. The formula is familiar – we’ve seen a lot of it over the past few years on shows like The Workplace Fake Style. Office Or parks and Recreation — but it never feels derivative. Brunson plays Janine, a young and idealistic public school teacher in Philadelphia.

What she does so well in the role is based on Janine’s optimism without troubling her character, which could easily be the case – see Ted Bow, Brunson’s portrayal of Janine is classy, ​​with excellent comic timing and a great sense of self-deprecation. He is the heart of the show and without him it certainly wouldn’t have had the same emotional impact.

1 Jeremy Allen White – Bear

Carmi the bear is thoughtfully sitting outside during his cigarette break
Hulu / FX

have to get first Jeremy Allen White as a worker Bear, In the comedy-drama series he is returning to Chicago to take over his late brother’s restaurant after working at a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York. The role that this grief plays for the brother is important, but also silent.

Karmi’s lack of handling of this pain is evident from the start. He’s someone who has clearly struggled with his mental health, battling severe anxiety that can lead to explosive arguments, but also plenty of quiet, introspective moments. It’s the way White can portray this conflict between Carmi experiencing extreme outbursts of emotion and being incredibly repressed at the same time that makes her performance so impactful.

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