Pokémon Go is the pillar on which the company rests

A few days ago, the company announced a series of events in various locations around the world such as London, Osaka, New York, Barcelona and even Mexico, which demonstrates the emphasis they put on video games, although they do not consider themselves as a company in this sector, but one of the technologies.

“Niantic is a technology company and we are committed to building a real platform. A digital map with millimeter precision that we can add objects to via virtual reality,” he comments and admits that, despite their ambition, they have also not escaped the mass layoff crisis in the industry.

RA, long-term rate

While the cuts have been hard on the company, Hanke noted in a statement that despite the shutdown of gaming, they have “long believed in AR as the future of computing.”

He also cited the fact that they are reviewing new devices in the mixed reality industry, such as the Quest Pro and Apple Vision Pro, which he says will be a real springboard for connecting the physical and virtual worlds. in which he is according to Mandujano.

For him, the Apple device validates a market the company has been exploring for several years, even as other topics come up that overshadow it in the tech conversation, such as artificial intelligence.

“We remain convinced that AR is the future. (…) The companies that develop the technology have a great responsibility to see how it will co-exist with us and how it will change reality, and the fact that Apple decides to release Mixed Reality glasses for us is a confirmation of what we are doing stake on the right future,” he concludes.

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