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If readers want to expand their audiovisual horizons beyond the frenetic coverage of Portuguese generalists and news channels about World Youth Day and the Pope’s appearance in Portugal, there are two ways.

One of them is to delve even deeper into the subject, and for that these are Amen, Francis North (2023), on Disney+, ten young people from around the world gather in Rome to talk about their concerns with the Pope, or on the same platform, God Story with Morgan Freeman (A National Geographic production opening in early 2019).

on HBO Max, Portuguese Religious It is a 2009 film about a young French actress whose mother is Portuguese, who comes to Lisbon to make a film and encounters her destiny (holy, as expected). If you move a little forward in time, the series always remains young popeFrom HBO, by Paolo Sorrentino, with Jude Law and, in its second season entitled new pope With Law and John Malkovich.

Then there’s the package that Opto/sic has come up with these days, which includes the film Fatimaby João Canijo and with a group of pilgrim women, or recent series Lucia, Keeper of Secrets, about one of the so-called seers of Fatima. SIC also suggests on the way to sanctuaries Or deliver us from war, Besides WYD’s live broadcast, also in the field of documentaries.

RTP, which is “host broadcaster“And that’s why it exists on its platform to transmit pictures of what happens in Journeys to the whole world.” streaming Run a section devoted to free RTP events and there are already several “episodes” of coverage.

And there is another way: that of holy ignorance. In recent times, about the second season of what you will read below about the premieres of the day Bear (Disney+) the end of Magician (on Netflix), both seeking oblivion marathons in completely different worlds.

Bonus: If You Want to Have a Foot on Both Sides of the Topic, You Can Click Over to Netflix warrior nun And watch the Portuguese Alba Baptista get beat up in the name of God, watch season six Lucifer or poke the entertainment chain how to become a cult leader And consider what this is about organized religion. Season 2 on Amazon lucky cue and Michael Sheen and David Tennant as Angel and Devil.

However, these are the premieres of the week.

hbo max

Monday, August 7

Time to Win: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty — season two of the controversial and addicting series about the rise of the 1980s generation of the NBA team Los Angeles Lakers, Discovery (and the term was used several times by previously unhappy targets)Season“) of names such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird (Boston Celtics, Never a Laker) or Kareem Abdul Jabbar, as well as the professional but also personal lives of their coaches and team owners – Jerry Buss, Pat Riley or Jenny Buss. Served by a Featuring a top cast and a production team headed by Adam McKay, one of the premieres of the week.

Wednesday, August 9

great friend – Another return for a second round, this time involving the main characters: it’s a series of journeys and friendships led by twins James and Oliver Phelps, better known as the Weasley brothers in the movies. harry potter, They invite famous friends over to chat and visit and take on some challenges. This time also Matt Lewis and Alfie Enoch harry potter or from Alfie Allen the game of Thrones.

Thursday, August 10

rap sh!t Shawna and Mia, two old Miami school friends, team up to form a rap group. The series follows their rise and the usual dilemmas: not selling out or not succumbing to industry pressure.


Tuesday, August 8

murders at home – In season three, Charles, Oliver and Mabel (Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez) investigate another murder that happened right under their noses – this time, as seen at the end of the most recent episode, a Backstage at the play. This time Paul Rudd and… Meryl Streep board this rushing but oddly quiet train. Meryl. Streep.


Friday, August 4

bupkis – Pete Davidson’s new series premiere (King of Staten Island, Saturday Night Live), which is semi-autobiographical and features Edie Falco and Joe Pesci in addition to a supporting cast and special guests, including Bobby Cannavale, Jon Stewart, Al Gore, JJ Abrams, Steve Buscemi, Method Man or Chris O’Donnell Are. The first two episodes premiere this Friday, with new episodes being released weekly. There are eight in total, and the series has already started and ended in the United States and was guaranteed a second season.

amazon prime video

Friday, August 4

the lost flowers of alice hart Alice is nine years old when she loses her parents in a fire and goes to live with her grandmother on a farm. The background is flowers produced on this Australian farm, but also family secrets and the death of a parent. seven episodes. Description: Grandma is (played by) Sigourney Weaver.

sunset — the first two seasons of a series that satirizes the universe of the national soap opera, one broken glass of whiskey at a time. The horse is called a testicle, twins appear in the herd, the caretaker’s son is always very hot and it is one of the great successes of national fiction in recent years. The film, not intentionally, opened in theaters on Thursday. Nice marathon, working class!

Divina Senal – film about Checo and Chuma, who survive an explosion that killed their master, becoming a dangerous criminal. The money saved from this will be used to help those who need it the most.

Apple TV+

Wednesday, August 9

strange planet – This series comes from social media – well, and from a graphic novel that was a bestseller. This world is ours, but not quite, because everything is pink and its inhabitants are blue. Deep down, this bubblegum and fun universe is the format through which the most everyday habits of human life are analyzed. by Dan Harmon (rick and morty community) and Nathan W. Pyle, author of the work, composed of ten episodes of approximately 20 minutes each. Oh, and it’s animation.


Tuesday, August 8

Liv Ullmann: A road less traveled – The life of Liv Ullman, actress, filmmaker and star of some of Ingmar’s most iconic films, told in her own voice as well as that of Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett, John Lithgow, Pernilla August or Sam Waterson.

Thursday, August 10

burning days – It was Emin Alper’s first film to premiere in a Portuguese theater and it quickly became a thriller that questions Turkey’s interiors through a prosecutor who has to deal with the chiefs of the village where he lives. Has just arrived and with whom he met had dinner and drank a lot – and that’s why he doesn’t remember anything. That night a girl was raped and brutally thrashed.


Friday, August 4

Perfect!: From Confectionery to All Proof – the cooking competition show whose title pretty much says it all.

Tuesday, August 8

Sports Stories: Johnny Football This week’s third episode of this documentary series is about Quarterback And the biggest star of American football, although he was too young for his position, in 2012 became a phenomenon. They called him “Johnny Football” and then he was swallowed up by the machine of fame and seduction. Now it’s time to tell everything on Netflix.

zombieverse – Oh, zombies. how long. This time, Seoul has turned into a city of corpses. However, it is a competition after all and the contestants have missions to reach and complete the tests at the end.

Wednesday, August 9

ladies First: women in hip hop Netflix described the documentary as “timely”. Perhaps. Hip hop’s 50th anniversary kicks off around this time and it’s never too late to remember that equality doesn’t exist (yet) and it’s a right. In this case, the spotlight focuses on the women who created hip-hop and underscores their central role, not merely peripheral or ornamental in the movement and musical style. there are four episodes

Thursday, August 10

Painkillers: End the Pain for Good – Fantasy miniseries with the charming Matthew Broderick that takes a far from cute subject: America’s opioid crisis, or how a country became addicted to drugs like Oxycotin. It also stars Uzo Aduba and Taylor Kitsch, with Eric Newman, Pete Berg and Alex Gibney executive producing. six episodes. Directed by Peter Berg.

home with my corpse —the answer is an immediate “no,” but Netflix tries to convince us: A policeman receives a red envelope containing a marriage proposal and discovers it came from a ghost who asks for the policeman’s hand before reincarnation. Ok…


Monday, August 7

house of darkness – Neil LaBute’s film which never premiered in Portuguese cinemas and will be available a day later on TVCine Top on Sunday as usual. on demand on TVCine+. The gothic tale that brings Justin Long and Kate Bosworth together in a fateful encounter.


Friday, August 4

family spice – Rodrigo Hilbert learned his cooking secrets by helping his mother and grandmother.

Saturday, August 5

long live the fat man – A tribute to the Brazilian comedian and television host who is making the show available to GloboPlay subscribers.

lost in streaming

It’s not lost, but it never hurts. for reasons sunset, it’s been a week to remember such a channel, the brilliance of Herman Jose and the leaps of Silinha and Marilu. Not on RTP Play but on RTP Archives here are some episodes to celebrate like it was 1983.

What are you watching?

Diogo Amaral, actor Sunset: The Mystery of the Necklace of Sao Cajo

“Normally I’m watching two or three series at the same time, but since I’ve finished succession, When the episodes came out I was watching, I stopped watching the series. Meanwhile, I have started a new project for a soap opera which is attracting me a bit. But I saw a documentary on Netflix about breath-hold diving, deepest breath (2023), very funny.”

read to see

Audience: From Marilu’s Diary sunset, it’s all one”private joke” National

public: BearDrama and Comedy at the Kitchen in Chicago

Vulture: there is still life what do we do with it Shadowsenergy-vampire gag

Wired: The Future of Children’s Television Is Not Television

PUBLIC: Netflix and Academia Portuguesa Open Competition for Budding Screenwriters

Observer: Abduction It’s Over: Is The Kidnapping Of Idris Elba The Best Thriller Of 2023?

Till next episode.


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