Merry What kind of golf? announces PS5 and PS4 version and crossover with Among Us on Switch

One of the funniest games on Nintendo Switch, What the Golf? is coming soon to PS5 and PS4 with free downloadable content inspired by Among Us.

What is golf?One of the funniest and funniest indie games of recent years to play on Switch and PC is coming soon to other platforms: today they announced PS5 version and ps4 on the way, due out this year.

An earlier version of What the Golf? for Nintendo Switch. will receive a free update from tomorrow, August 3rd, and later on PC, with over 35 levels inspired by among us.

And the third announcement: over the next year, Triband promises new levels and special events for a limited time (two weeks only) for all platforms (PS5, PS4, Switch and PC).

If you haven’t played What the Golf? this is the best moment

What is golf? It came out in May 2020 behind the scenes on Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade, but we loved it so much that he took 90: It’s an anti-golf game where each level is almost like a WarioWare-style microgame.

Leaving the ball and the hole, everything else changes in a completely absurd and unexpected way over dozens of levels.

What the Golf currently costs €19.99 on Switch. If you buy it now, in addition to the main game, you will enjoy tomorrow August 3 with free expansion Among golfwith over 35 levels in space, playing “golf” on the ship’s crew and impostors.

This expansion lasts approximately 30 minutes of gameplay and is approved by Innersloth, the creators of the popular game Among Us.

They will debut soon Special Events in all versions of the game, limited to two weeks with new levels. The first will take place from October 23 to November 5, and there will be other events close to holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Cheese Lovers’ Day.

And if you play on PS5 and PS4, before the end of the year you can enjoy what kind of golf on your console adapted using the Dualsense controller in the case of a new generation console.

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