Mark Margolis dies at 83, why did the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor die?

Hdead it juves l actor mark margolis A Loser at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York 83 years old due to a minor illness. This has been confirmed by his son Morgan himself. The veteran actor was best known for his role as Hector Salamanca from the series ‘Breaking Bad’ and its prequel ‘Better Call Saul’.

But this Philadelphia interpreter, carrying a wide tray on his back, started out in the ’70s. I was a student of interpretation teachers Stella Elder and Lee Strasberg. His first roles were in films such as ‘Dressed to Kill’ and ‘El Precio del Poder’, both by Brian De Palma.

I had a character in fiction in the 80s’El Justiciero’ and also appeared in Francis Ford Coppola’s Strap, ‘The Cotton Club’, In the next decade he acted ‘1492: The Conquest of Paradise’ by Ridley Scott. Homemade personality interpretation ‘Ace Ventura, Pet Detective’.

Mark Margolis’ brilliant professional career: films with Ridley Scott, Darren Aronofsky, Brian De Palma, Coppola…

I have a very good professional relationship with the director darren aronofsky and appeared in several projects of the filmmaker:’Pie, Fe En El Chaos’, ‘Requiem Por Un Sueno’, ‘The Fountain’, ‘El Luchador’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Noé’. Ann 2007 Salio in ‘Adios Pequena Adios’ by Ben Affleck.

In 2009, I read a paper that is still remembered Hector Salamanca in ‘Breaking Bad’. He started his journey in the second season with a narcotrafficker who is IBA on wheels And he could only speak through his facial expressions and a bell that included his silla. To recall the scene in which, by pulsating his larynx, it causes an explosion and Gus dies next to Fring.

for your explanation ‘Breaking Bad’ was nominated for Best Guest Artist at the Emmys. so dear that it was for the public Vince Gilligan covers it in ‘Better Call Saul’: “Encapricharan de me from los fans”commented margolis,

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