Manifest brings its long love triangle to a tragic end

Manifesto This has always been a show that has generated more questions than answers for its central mysteries. The passengers of Flight 828 were haunted by questions about what really happened to them on the flight. However, one mystery that has been troubling fans had nothing to do with Flight 828. The love life of Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) has been a complex central mystery throughout the series.

Michaela’s two main love interests were Jared Vasquez (JR Ramirez) and Zeke Landon (Matt Long). The love triangle between these three characters was a terrible plotline that should have ended when Michaela married Zeke in Season 3. Sadly, this did not happen and Michaela’s feelings for Jared remained. In season four, the scandalous love triangle tentatively comes to a tragic conclusion, but has a happy ending.

Update August 1, 2023 by Katie Doll: The Michaela-Zeke-Jared love triangle has been a thrilling storyline on Manifest for four seasons. While that appears to have come to an end in Part 1 of Season 4, the supernatural elements of Part 2 force Michaela to choose between Zeke and Jared.

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Michaela and Jared were once a perfect match

Michaela and Jared standing in a park at Manifest

Before Flight 828 mysteriously returned, Jared and Michaela were completely compatible, but Michaela had doubts about their relationship. During a trip to Jamaica that took place in the pilot, Michaela was debating whether or not to accept Jared’s proposal. This should have been the first red flag that Michaela and Jared should not have been. On the flight, Michaela decides to accept Jared’s proposal, but fate has other plans. Flight 828 landed in New York after five and a half years, which meant everyone assumed the passengers had died.

When Michaela and Jared finally reunite, she learns that he has married her best friend, Lourdes. Michaela was overjoyed because the time had not yet passed for her. She was ready to get off the plane and accept Jared’s proposal, but she moved on to a new life without him. Michaela had trouble processing the abrupt end of their relationship, which resulted in fans seeing how toxic Michaela and Jared were together. They were unable to let go of their former feelings for each other and began an affair.

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Michaela and Zeke’s game should have ended

Michaela and Zeke seeing each other in the manifest

Shortly after Michaela and Jared begin an affair, Zeke literally bursts into Michaela’s life. Coincidentally, Zeke was also missing, only to mysteriously return a year later. It is clear from Zeke’s introduction that he will have a huge impact on Michaela’s life as their death-defying stories were similar. Zeke experienced the calling and had a passing date, which had already connected them in a way that Michaela could never connect with Jared. In addition to their undeniable romantic connection, Michaela wanted to help Zeke deal with the calling as his death date was closer than hers. After his return he had only one year to know the date of his death. Before Zeke’s death date, Michaela and Zeke begin dating and her relationship with Jared apparently ends naturally.

The day before Zeke’s death date, Michaela and Zeke get married. It seemed like a spontaneous, impulsive decision as Zeke slowly bled to death, but true love was behind the decision. On the date of Zeke’s death, he receives a call and saves Michaela’s nephew, Cal Stone, from drowning at the hands of criminals. Zeke’s frostbite is made worse by the icy water and he dies. However, a few minutes later, Zeke is revived, having followed the call to date his death. Michaela and Zeke had the opportunity to spend more time as a couple, but their relationship was still strained due to her unresolved feelings for Jared.

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How does the Michaela-Zeke-Jared love triangle end?

Zeke dies in bed surrounded by his friends in Manifest

In the first half of the fourth and final season, Michaela and Zeke are shown to be very happy in their married life. Despite Michaela’s unresolved feelings for Jared, which she confessed to Zeke in season three, flashbacks reveal that she chose Zeke and cut Jared out of her life for two years because he said that Zeke wasn’t good enough for her. The biggest revelation in the final season is that the death date was actually for all of humanity as it was meant to be the date of the apocalypse. Now, the passengers of Flight 828 have been given the impossible task of figuring out how to save all of humanity. That’s where Zeke once again comes to the rescue. Zeke develops empathic abilities after surviving his death date and can sense other people’s pain and transfer it to his own.

In the midseason finale, Zeke overhears Cal’s sister, Olive, and her boyfriend, TJ, discussing that Cal’s new title, “The Dragon”, may be the key to saving humanity. However, in a tragic turn of events, just three years after his death date had passed, Zeke sacrificed his life once again by using his empathic abilities to transfer Cal’s cancer into his own. He makes an emotional goodbye phone call to a desperate Michaela and she rushes to be with him before he dies, bringing a tragic end to the love triangle.

Who does Michaela end up with?

Michaela Manifest

In the second half of the final season, Michaela and the rest of the Travelers were busy trying to save humanity. And fortunately they succeeded in this. The group managed to stop humanity’s death date and were taken back to April 7, 2013, the day they were originally supposed to arrive at the airport.

Everyone aboard the plane had a chance to make up for the lost five years, but they have since remembered their journey (except Cal) to what is described as Purgatory. Michaela took the opportunity to decline Jared’s marriage proposal, telling him that there was someone else out there for him. She finds Zeke driving a taxi to the airport and begins telling the story of the passengers of Flight 828. It may have seemed like Michaela and Zeke weren’t going to get a happy ending, but fate has a strange way of bringing people together. Manifesto,

To watch the Michaela-Zeke-Jared love triangle unfold, stream Manifest on Netflix now.

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