Lizzo’s self-love and Lil Nas X’s bizarre celebration triumph at Mad Cool

The first day of a festival is always marked by a lack of awareness to see if the organization is at the peak of the magnitude of the event, especially if it opens. For the first time, Villaverde hosts the festivities of the Madrid festival and does it very competently in front of 65,000 spectators this Juvez. The grounds are spacious, there are plenty of activities to distract you, plenty of places to eat, and getting there – and returning home – is relatively easy. As a point of improvement, it would be nice if bathrooms (generally clean, and plentiful) were distributed instead of all being in one place, leading to somewhat unpleasant crowding at the end of concerts Was.

fans of the king princess show

Day started at 17:50 king princess, who confessed that it was the first time he had set foot on Spain. It didn’t take long to decide that he would be ready to return to see the affection with which the public had appreciated his music. Michaela Strauss constantly interacted with her audience – mostly young and gay – showing herself on occasions to be much closer than her haughty air. Despite how early their concert was scheduled, there were quite a few people present. It was not for less. His presence is electrifying from the first minute, for the way he walks on set, his crackling voice, his graceful attitude… his rock star aura is much more than a pose: throughout his set he displays that they really are. The New York artist devoted much of her time reviewing her low-key latest album, ‘Hold On Baby’, from which singles ‘Change the Locks’, ‘Little Bother’ or ‘Cursed’ were sung.

One of the most beautiful moments we will see at the festival also happened here. A boy took a piece of paper and asked if he could sing ‘The Bend’ with it. When I arrived at that time, Raja Rajkumari called him over so that he could go on stage and the pair performed a rousing version of the theme. That very special interaction between him and his fans also happened when a girl in the front row asked him to write the words “homegirl” (the title of his song) so that she could tattoo it in her own handwriting. Strauss sang it in the face, embracing it loudly and, immediately afterwards, called Lebeler and proceeded to do what he had said. During ‘1950’, their most representative song, everyone sang in unison until one girl fainted. The singer closed the set by reassuring herself that the most important thing was that everyone was okay. Finally, he concluded with ‘Ohio’ and his rocker coda, leaving the audience excited but wanting more.

The Offspring Complaint, The 1975 No.

Madrid Is Life on stage, one of the headliners, the legendary Californian rockers descendants He presented what the public expected from him. It’s taken years in the industry and it’s clear: Its sound is impeccable. Sus Tablas en el Escanario Los Hescens imprinted a powerful energy from the very beginning. I also enjoyed the humility of the people on stage. There were constant jokes that we were the best audience in the world, that it felt “crazy” and “cool”, etc. It’s a great achievement, and the energy was easily transmitted to those present.

Even though the sun of justice is under, people do pogos, dance, corriba las canciones with gusto. Most of his symbolic themes appeared in the second half of the set, making each of them a party. These include ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’, ‘The Kids Are Not Alright’ and ‘You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid’.

1975 Entry point to the Escanario area of ​​Madrid. Matt Healy accompanied him in a big band. The sound wasn’t as good as you might expect, which was somewhat disappointing considering the number of instruments they took, from bongos to winds. The singer’s act on stage is a continuous pose: some chulesh, keeping his eyes white, briefly conversing with the audience. His singing technique is good and, however, there is something about him that is difficult to connect with. Even though the band now has a wide repertoire of good songs, their live versions are a bit confusing. For example, ‘Somebody else’ or ‘It’s not alive (if it’s not with you),’ have the potential to drive people crazy, but for some reason, they don’t do it as they should.

During a very awkward moment, Healy asked a girl who was wearing a Sigur Rós sweater (who played after him) who died because it was her favorite band. It was said and never returned.

Jaime Eris Toran (Mad Cool)

lizzo peria and flute one by one

In one of the main scenarios, lizzo Dress up in your swanky show pants as you get ready to dance and leave your problems at home. His songs are about wanting to be equal and to tolerate everyone, because we are all valid. This is the motto that the singer carries with the flag and that has taken him to where he is. The last poster seen before coming on stage read, “This is your moment to love yourself.” Dance, sing, laugh, shout… enjoy the show, bitch”.

Lizzo appeared in a silver dress and huge Space Air sunglasses. Her impressive voice was accompanied by ‘Cuz I Love You’, which included dancers of various bodies to celebrate the declared celebration of love, tolerance and respect with her. He followed it up with the most delectable ‘Juice’, one of his best, where the aesthetics of 50s American eateries were emulated on screen. Throughout the show, the singer moves from side to side, constantly dancing, shouting, talking to the public Chapurrendo Español… Your concert is a constant stimulus. A gleeful pop celebration that showcases the irrepressible charisma and talent of Lizzo.

‘Jerome’ has an accidental-gospel moment that sings along with its vocals; ‘Rumors’ features Cardi B on a pre-recorded video call; ‘Everybody’s Gay’ features a giant rainbow on the screen while the singer is covered by an LGBT flag. Later, there is also room for a cover of ‘Yellow’, which leads into an instrumental version with flutes from ‘Coldplay’, one of the cuts from their previous album. The instrument, already legendary in its concerts, returns on several occasions and in a moment until it starts playing.

The concert ends with the worst songs of the night, ‘Good as Hell’ and ‘About Damn Time’. But if there’s one moment that takes away from the show and that’s when she sings ‘Special,’ a song with a message might be too obvious and even naive, but it becomes something more powerful live. goes. When people shout “I’m special” to each other, they shout a panto en el que no te que te otra que cretelo. Mission achieved, Lizzo.

Rina Swayyama went later, but due to production problems at the festival, she was forced to cancel her concert, as she explained on Twitter.

The Show – Joe In Concert – by Robbie Williams

Javier Bragado (Mad Cool)

Robbie Williams The award for the biggest concert of the tour was taken without a doubt. It began with a long introduction with his dancers and musicians on stage “clapping / Hey, hey / Wow, wow”. When the singer finally appears, he introduces himself with “My Name Is Robbie Fucking Williams”. The first song on Sonar is ‘Let Me Entertain You’, a declaration of intent. “What is entertainment?” asks the artist when he is finished. The first rule for this is that you have to love your audience.

In fact, a Williams concert cannot be called a concert as such, it is a good show, since a large part of it is devoted to other things that cannot be sung. He constantly interacts with the audience and talks between song and song, sometimes telling straight tales for more than five minutes. Like when he was in Take That and decided that everyone in the group hated him. He proceeded to sing a song and immediately interrupted it saying that he was not there to sing it. This was followed by a version of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis.

The reason why your show is running for more than half its time is beyond comprehension. There was practically a hero in the front row named Gerard, whom Robbie constantly addressed while recounting his battles. In one of the most emotional moments, he asked if she had kids, to which she replied yes, she has three. The singer dedicated ‘I Love My Life’ to her, with confetti appearing.

There’s no doubt that Robbie Williams knows how to move on stage and put on a show. It takes many years of experience and always does a good job, but its concept of entertainment doesn’t quite match with me. ‘Angels’ achieved this feat because it couldn’t have been any other way, with the audience turning on their mobile lights and singing loudly.

hor de lil nas x

Andres Iglesias (Mad Cool)

To end the night on a quirky note, lil nas x offered a concert program that was practically unimaginable just a few years earlier. What a delight to see an openly gay, fiercely camp male pop star, breaking gender stereotypes, headline a show that has until now been performed solo by pop girls on stage. It is clear that there is considerable abuse of playback on several occasions, but it is also fair to assume that the artiste does not stop on stage for even a second.

Surrounded by surreal set designs and dancers, Lil Nas X debuted with “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and since then, there’s been a whole series of weird visuals that you can’t take your eyes off. There came a moment when he left the stage and when he returned he appeared on a huge muneco in the shape of a white horse. Of course, the song I sang there was none other than ‘Old Town Road’.

The production level of the show is very high and it is always surprising. Nas and his dancers appear dressed as gladiators to conclude with the great ‘Industry Baby’. Earlier, in an interlude he acted as a singer for a change of clothes, singing songs by both Rihanna and Tokischa while we saw a member of his dance team doing pirouettes. A unique bizarre festival.

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