Lizzo hires Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer, who has defended Johnny Depp, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian

It’s been days since singer Lizzo shocked the network with the backlash she received from three of her former dancers. One of the charges it faces is Sexual aggression, fatphobia, and racial and religious discrimination, The effects of these condemnations were seen immediately: public opinion turned against it and stars who had previously supported it, such as Beyoncé, Han took away your sympathy To Lizzo. The stories are so specific and full of details that these three dancers will reveal so I guess the singer’s defense particularly complexBut it looks like the artist has decided to load up on Contu: He’s hired one of the world’s most prestigious lawyers, marty singerKnown as “El Abogado de las Estrellas de Hollywood”. la defienda en el juicio Who will stand against these women.

this lawyer won a great reputation (good or bad, depending on who you think) to get Hollywood stars out of big trouble. Very pelagudas legal situations. One of the most recent cases we won Lawsuit between Ricky Martin and his nephew, who denounced him for alleged sexual abuse. Thanks to the defense of Marty Singer, the young man withdrew the charges. Among the most famous clients of this lawyer are Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Julia Roberts or John Travolta.

The first thing I do is send Lizzo’s abogado to the media. a video interview of the ballerina That I made the most serious allegation against Lizzo, that of sexual assault. The video in question was recorded a few weeks after the events what a narrator, and here you can see how he expresses his admiration for the singer and his support by calling her “does rule”. There is a possibility that this interview will be used as a test during the upcoming trial.

The appointment of this lawyer came to light at the same time as Lizzo’s response to the scandal came to the fore. It was published on their network, and does not contain all the allegations that were made.

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