Las New Balance Warped Runners don’t look like New Balance, but like the new Yeezy

New Balance is currently leading the shoe market lifestyle, These are comfortable and functional modelsoriginally thought of running away and it broke love for him dad’s shoes, siguén siendo la punta de lanza de la company, If the basic aesthetics of the 550, the stylized 990 or the technical shoelace 610, the brand has significantly increased its repertoire but without overdoing the general style of your shoes. So far.

At Paris Fashion Week, Ryota Iwai presented the Spring/Summer 2024 collection for his brand Aurelie, and the public was surprised to learn that along with the sneakers Chunky Style Gum Supersuela Those Levaban models were actually in the form of New Balance. This wavy and futuristic design This is something we haven’t seen before in La Ann’s firm, We’d also be lying if we said that New Balance didn’t pull off another alluring skin. Jaden Smith designed the Jaden Vision Racer in 2020, a shoe with a cool platform that pleased Timothée Chalamet. And in the new and popular 9060 we found a roomy one that had a lot of detail and felt heavier than the brand.

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In spite of everything, the debut of the New Balance Warped Runner (the name of the new silhouette) has been a complete surprise It appears to indicate a change in direction towards the company’s new aesthetics. The above mentioned lower part is formed by? two thick layers With beautiful design lines that realzan las zapatillas y le don un i make something futuristic, The curved crests all over his skin are reminiscent of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% running model, but also the Yeezy 700. Una base de malla y superpositions de ante.

Too Logo presence has been reduced, Generally, we find them embroidered only on the heel, on the tongue and even on Punteras, whether as full names or as abbreviations. However, it looks like the New Balance Warped Runner has only left the main N on the side, and even that’s closed and somewhat hidden behind the front cover.

Simply, New Balance hasn’t changed its dynamics. abundance of colors It looks like it is preparing for the debut of La Zapatilla. We saw on the footbridge of Orly Did colorway monochrome: Some light beige and others dark medium blue. However, new combinations have filtered in, such as black with navy blue and two shades of brown, and others in various shades of cinnamon with malla in white and n black. The latter has fast become a favorite of the internet.Thanks to this friendly mix that goes with anything, but also thanks to the hairy gaumuza that takes the place in front of other models.

unfortunately Launch completion has not yet been announced But we can expect more action in this sense for this new and promising proposition. Without going any further, two days ago creative designer Kiki Grammatopoulos showed off some new balance with a gorgeous and blue Suella that featured some tiny hairpins designed to prop up hair while walking. we don’t know how long this will last New Balance’s bold moveBut if it provides us with such bursts of disruptive ideas, we can only hope it’s a prosperous phase.

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