“‘Joy Ride’ Is About Being Politically Incorrect”, Adele Lim

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career of adele lima She was long and successful in the world of cinema and television, she was the author of films like millionaire locally (2018) and the famous Disney production, Raya and the Last Dragon. She was also the script coordinator for the successful series Xena: Warrior Princess and serial version of Dangerous Weapon.

But all this travel I’ve done since writing, and now, this Malay-American screenwriter is making her debut joy rideor in spanish, places in troublewhich has already premiered in the United States and will be released in Colombian cinemas later this week.

starring Ashley Park, Sherry ColaOscar nominated, stephanie sue or sabrina wuA hilarious and candid tale of identity and self-discovery that centers on four friends who embark on a once-in-a-lifetime international adventure.

gain work experience audrey (Ashley Parks) Asia gets confused and has to ask her best friend for help, Lolo (Sherry Cola), who appears with her eccentric cousin deadeye (Sabrina Wu). joins them cat (Stephanie Sue), Audrey’s classmate at university, has transformed into a successful telenovela actress today. The trip is also an opportunity for Audrey to meet her biological mother and reconnect with her roots.

presented in SXSW Film Festival With great reviews, it opera prima By director Adele Lim, friendship in all its forms is addressed with themes such as, Identity, cultural and social differences and sexuality.

“This film is, in short, about friendship, about belonging and discovering that we are Asians”.says actress Sherry Cola.

,It’s a wild adventure. hey sex Hey medicines. hey kpop We touch on many universal themes and normalize the idea that we deserve to tell these stories in our own way, claim our own identity, and poke fun at ourselves.Added.

It was filmed entirely in and around Vancouver in a record time of 34 days.

“The most challenging aspect was trying to create Beijing and Seoul in Vancouver”I explained Michael Norman Wong, production designer. There, he managed to recreate a Korean fashion street running from a rural Chinese town to the courtyard of a family’s house in Hong Kong.

A challenge that spanned from clothing designer Beverly to Anh Huynh, who achieved a colourful, bright and very individual look for each of the characters as its four protagonists embark on a journey of transformation through Asia .

How did you start this project?

Cheri, Teresa and I went out to dinner and talked about all our ridiculous, drunk and disorderly friends. One day we were dying of laughter, thinking we should write a movie about it. We didn’t know who would want to do it, but we’d be happy to write it. So, we started gathering all the youngsters in our house and telling stories, just for the joy of doing so. And we rule without stopping.

When we took the project to Point Gray and Lionsgate, we were preparing to be told that we would return it. To our delight, I said: ‘On the ground we acknowledge all this and we want to celebrate it with you, we want you to support yourself more in this.’

You were lucky to have these partners who told me: ‘Are you ready to direct it?’ I didn’t even know I had the answer inside of me, but it was simply: Yes, 100%.

What is this film about?

places in trouble It’s about being politically incorrect, an absurd game of getting into the most insane situations, sometimes dangerous, very sexually inappropriate and making the other party feel stronger for it.

In order to make this film, Michael Norman Wong’s production design required moving scenes from Canada to Asian countries…

we got A house with a patio in Chinatown, Vancouver But the feeling was very real. Michael was able to give many of these details that he remembered from his abuela’s home in Hong Kong. Small objects, plastic glue, beverages and this Chinese calendar quintessentially, make these places not decorated on the ground, but actually like places to live in Asia and, to a great extent, a love letter to our families .

The film has also been praised for its costume design by Beverly Tu Anh Huynh…

Beverly is fabulous, and grounded because I have to create looks for four very different characters. The four characters embark on this journey of change across Asia and find themselves in some very strange situations, including wanting to be a part of a K-pop band. Beverly had to come up with a look that immediately let you know who the character was. To be able to solidify all these moments and track this progress that reflects your changes as a personality was a great job.

How was the cast chosen for this comedy?

Too many Asian-American actors aren’t famous enough. As a first-time director in a genre that doesn’t typically feature Asian-American faces on the big screen, I was well aware of how important it was to find actors who were instantly recognizable on the ground, But those who have the ability. The audience expands to attract someone and who falls in love with them. But here we get it.

How have you seen the audience react to your premieres in various theaters across the United States?

I have a moment when people are crying, including a white man who is very old because he saw himself in the place of a young Asian woman. I’m so excited about my 20 years watching this movie and I celebrate it, but I also want everyone who watches this movie to see themselves in these friends and be able to connect with them and enjoy it. be able to


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