IMSS opens the 2023 recreational holiday course Grupo Milenio

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has launched its Traditional Summer Vacation Course (CVR) for girls, boys and adolescents aged 6 to 16, in which expects attendance of more than 12 thousand minors to sports clubs and welfare centers throughout the country.

IMSS head of technical coordination for physical culture and sports, Hector García Antonio, opened the course in the 2023 edition with the motto “Learn, practice and have fun with #ActivaIMSS” which encourages physical activity and sports as part of a healthy lifestyle, and also offers better use of free time during the current holiday period.

At the pool of the Morelos sports division, he emphasized that Social Security is present in sports centers throughout the country, and that great athletes such as Felipe “El Tibio” Munoz, Fernando Platas and Marijos Alcala.

He urged mothers and fathers of minors registered with the CWR to continue playing sports that their daughters and sons will do, “Keep giving them the best preventative medicine for health and addictions.”

Garcia Antonio confirmed that the Institute is going through a new stage in the field of sports, in which supports more than ever all physical and water activitiesand that this support will continue in units across the country.

On his occasion, Sergio Durán Zagarnaga, head of the IMSS Office of Occupational Health, Economic and Social Benefits, said that the recreational holiday course is taking place throughout the country and that the administrative operating body is deconcentrating in the northern part of Mexico City. over 800 minors registered in the eight units in which the course is taught.

He emphasized that in addition to sports activities, gaming, recreational, social, cognitive and motor activities are provided, in addition to the implementation of the industry program “Exercítate y Reactiva IMSS”, where, together with the medical direction the goal is to improve the health of girls, boys and adolescents.


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