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Guava leaves, a valuable element of fruits that contain vitamin C and fiber, are highly valued for their nutrient and antioxidant content.

In various cultures, these leaves are used as a traditional medicine to treat various ailments and as part of home remedies passed down from generation to generation, using their properties in the form of hot infusions.

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One of the most popular uses for guava leaves is hot drinks that allegedly speed up metabolism and promote weight loss, in addition to reducing abdominal inflammation.

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However, nutritionist Claudia Bricegno of the FSFB (Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá) points out that There are no studies to support that guava leaf tea promotes weight loss. Rather, it is a home practice that brings pleasure and tranquility due to its rich and aromatic taste.

Although some studies show that guava leaf extract can improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, these results cannot be directly applied to humans because research on specific characteristics of the human body has not been conducted.

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However, according to Boston University research, the antioxidants present in guava leaves, such as catechins, quercetin, and gallic acid, may combat oxidative stress, which is associated with weight loss. Drinking these leaves as a tea provides small amounts of these beneficial compounds.

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In addition, guava leaves can be a healthy replacement for high-sugar beverages such as sodas and processed juices, which contribute to weight gain and obesity.

In conclusion, although guava leaves have properties and health benefits, there is no strong evidence to support their use as a direct weight loss method.

Its consumption can be part of a balanced and healthy diet, but it is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional before attempting any weight loss methods. Let’s remember that every body is different, and the most important thing is to lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle to maintain overall well-being.

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