Historic seizure of high quality marijuana in Porto Alegre

More than 1 kilogram of high-quality shrimp-type marijuana – a pure flower of the cannabis plant with high THC content and sold at R$ 120 per gram – seized this Tuesday during an action by the Fourth Investigation Police Station of DENARC Was done ( first) in Porto Alegre. Four offenders were arrested while executing search and seizure warrants at three residences.

Photo: Disclosure / BM / Porto Alegre 24h

The investigation began after anonymous complaints indicated better quality drugs were being sold in the area. Ana Flavia, the police chief responsible for coordinating the operation, said police monitored residences in the Bom Jesus, Partenon and São José neighborhoods, where they found that the properties were being used by the criminal group to store weapons, drugs and money. Had been. Area.

At the first residence, a couple was arrested with 1.2kg of shrimp-type marijuana, in addition to 10.7kg of marijuana in 16 bricks used to deliver the drugs, two crates of cocaine, 838 ecstasy tablets and three cell phones Arrested with the vehicle. The seizure is estimated to have cost the criminal group R$135,000 in damages. The 30-year-old man had a record of smuggling, embezzlement and possession of illegal weapons, while his 25-year-old partner was charged with bodily injury, defamation and intimidation.

At another residence, a 26-year-old felon was arrested with a .38mm caliber revolver, a cell phone, three precision scales, and approximately 310 grams of marijuana. He had a record of bodily injury, disobedience, harassment and failure to comply with a protective measure.

At the third residence, police arrested a 34-year-old drug dealer with marijuana and traces of cocaine, R$122 in exchanged bills, a precision scale, and three cell phones.

The crackdown is part of the Civil Police’s strategy to combat drug trafficking and criminal organizations, and the investigation will continue to identify and hold criminally responsible other members of the cartel. The bust marks a major blow to the distribution of quality medicines in the capital.

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