High School Musical, Series 4: Everything you need to know about the last season


See when the last season of High School Musical premieres: El Musical: La Serie y Cuentos Capitos Tien

Esto Debs Saber from the fourth and final season
© IMDbEsto Debs Saber from the fourth and final season

High School Musical, L The Musical: LA Series will premiere its fourth and final season via Disney+So, we tell you everything you need to know about the last delivery.

What is it about? fourth season marks the return of the Wildcats to East High where they will prepare for a theatrical performanceBut things get complicated when Disney announces its The long-awaited movie High School Musical 4: The Reunion will be filmed at your favorite school,

Disney+ series debuts in 2019 and launches career Olivia Rodrigo, Julia Lester, joshua bassett or Dara RaineyIn addition, according to Disney’s own information, it counts the stars in attendance. Jordan Fisher, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, JoJo Siwa and Derek Houghamong others.

+ How many episodes do you have in the last season of High School Musical, el musical: la serie and when does it premiere on Disney+?

Disney+ Series Final Season Premieres on August 9 you will have a total 8 episodes While the first three seasons of the series are already available on the streaming platform.

,After four years at East High, it’s time for graduation. This will be our last season. The series brings into my life an extraordinary cast, crew and collaborator. To the fans who followed our series: “Not that we want them to”. We look forward to sharing this epic Act IV with everyone”, says Tim Federle, creator and executive producer.

Ale share starring in the fourth season joshua bassett, sophia wiley, Dara Rainey, Julia Lester, frankie rodriguez, kate renders or liamani segura, This season will also feature recurring guest stars kylie cantrell, Matthew Sato, Caitlin Reilly or Vasathi Mompointamong others.

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