“Hableme” and other recent successes of contemporary horror in cinema

Mia (Sophie Wilde) has spent years recovering from the trauma of her mother’s death. This will change when his friends discover how to conjure spirits using the mutilated hand, which will lead him to encounter a spirit who claims to be his dead mother. (A24)

In recent years, the horror genre has boomed in the film industry. Audiences, who are drawn to the excitement and suspense present in these films, have seen an ever-increasing demand for horror and spine-chilling tales. From reimagined classics to new and original proposals, horror cinema has found an enthusiastic audience looking for strong emotions and an unforgettable experience on the big screen. After its premiere in some Latin American countries, talk Number 2 is backed by 97% positive reviews rotten Tomatoes,

The film tells the story of Mia (played by) sophie wilde), who not only has to deal with the duality of his mother’s death, but also the pressure of his peers and the riddle of a porcelain hand that promises connection with everything else. When her friends Riley and Jade, played by Joe Bird and Alexandra Jensen respectively, introduce her to this strange totem (a mutilated hand) at a party, the boundaries between teenage fun and the world of spirits blur. It starts getting blurry.

Confronted by the duality and the secrets it holds, Mia embarks on a journey where terror finds its voice. (A24)

Thus, the pinnacle of terror has redefined the expectations of what a horror film can achieve, becoming a major cultural and commercial force in the current film industry. These are some of the titles that premiered recently that will definitely take your breath away for a few minutes. take note!

starring Ethan Hawkethis movie is available hbo max, The story unfolds in Colorado in the late 1970s, where the society is horrified by the disappearance of several children. However, he soon reveals himself to be the film’s villain, a brutal serial killer who uses a van to abduct his victims. The story takes an unexpected turn when an introverted thirteen-year-old boy named Finney Blake is captured by a criminal. Finny, an intelligent and perceptive boy, already leads a complicated life, which makes him a more vulnerable target. Hawke’s masterful performance as “El Raptor” is truly mind boggling, turning him into an authentic monster despite being an actor much loved by the public.

Ethan Hawke’s spine-chilling suspense thriller will leave you without food. (Universal Pictures)

The story follows Gemma (Alison Williams), a genius robotics engineer, creates a Muneka with artificial intelligence to be the ideal companion for young children. When he unexpectedly gets custody of his niece Cady (Violet McGraw), he decides to use the M3GAN prototype to provide her company. However, Gemma does not imagine that her creation would lead to dire and unimaginable consequences. you can see it hbo max From 18th August.

Do you dare to play with M3GAN? A Muneka who brings unimaginable terror. (Universal Pictures)

also known as SmileThe film received a positive rating of 80%. rotten Tomatoes You can have a successful paso por los cine or puede verso en paramount+, The plot follows the young and kind doctor Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), whose occupation in psychotherapy may be linked to the trauma of his past. One day, a patient comes in with an incredible story: she is convinced that an evil presence is following her around through ominous smiles, as she witnessed a suicide a few days earlier. Initially skeptical, the doctor finds herself immersed in a terrifying world when a patient makes a drastic decision that takes her to unimaginable places. From then on, everything became hell for Rose and her loved ones. The story creates an atmosphere of jaw-dropping suspense, leaving the viewer clueless as to what will happen next, which adds to the charm of this unsettling game of terror.

A chilling journey through a sinister and disturbing smile. (paramount+)

The saga is more alive than ever (the premiere of the seventh installment has now been announced). In this delivery, sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter (Melissa Barrera or Jenna Ortega) decide to move to bustling New York after the horrific events in Woodsboro, the city where it all began the Scream, Together with their only surviving friends, Chad and Mindy Meix-Martin, they seek to live a normal life as university students in Gran Manzana. However, the fame that surrounds them, especially Sam, who is hinted to be the real Essina behind the iconic mask, makes this an impossible task. Remember that Sam is the daughter of the infamous original Ghostface, Billy Loomis. Young people fight to survive the worst wave of violence in the city that never sleeps. It can be rented through Google Play.

Ghostface is back! A new nightmare in New York through sisters Sam and Tara, who face masked assassins. (Paramount Pictures)

another scary movie you can watch hbo max, Story Haywood Brothers, OJ (daniel kaluya) and emerald (keke palmer), Duenos de un Rancho, where each day is exactly the same as the previous one. When they spot a UFO in the sky, everything immediately changes in a surprising way. From that moment on, the behavior of people and the surrounding fauna completely changes. The film has been well received by critics, holding an impressive 83% approval rating sites. rotten TomatoesWhat the coveted Certificate of Freshness has validated. Furthermore, it has also been a success, raising over $170 million, which is much higher than its assumption of 68 million. It is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peele,

An alien encounter that “¡Nope!” I will change his life forever. (HBO)

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