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You must have noticed an increase in different shades of lipsticks like blue, black, green and brown. this fashion got its name funny lipstick And have been present in the world of famous and fashion.

In recent months, we have seen gigi hadid with pale lips, doja cat it is Rita Ora blue-faced and dark-lipped stephanie sue Worn it at the Met Gala 2023 with an almost blackish purple hue. These shades were also seen in the fashion show of Rodarte, Mugler it is kim shui fashion Week. Here in Brazil, during Casa de Criadores #52, we saw brands alexandre dos anjos, shitsuri it is UMS 458 – LL Very marked and black-faced.

Note that dark lipstick isn’t exactly an escape from the grunge and punk of the 1980s and 1990s. In Hollywood, when movies were still in black and white, makeup artists used black or blue lipstick on actresses, as they worked better on camera. Fashion later took hold and we reaped the rewards of thinking in circular motion. In short, lipsticks that go beyond the basics, nothing but nude and red, are the time today.

Plus, we have Y2K, which is clearly affecting us in the beauty world: Lips are once again more prominently shaped, earthy colors are in everything and blue is everywhere! Traditional circular movement. This also includes TikTok’s ‘weird girl aesthetic’, which comes as a response to its influence clean girl and its problems.

“I think what’s different isn’t just the different lips. There’s a huge movement of makeup that ‘different’ is dominating. After the pandemic, it became known as ‘Euphoria’ – and everything reports Talk about trends”, explains the expert of the beauty market, bruna tavaresWho is a journalist, businesswoman, content creator and owner of her own brand name.

This movement corresponds to the chain effect Excitement, which flirted with Ludic and showed that we don’t need to lock ourselves into little boxes. Glitter, rhinestones and everything you want at any time and occasion is more than FREE. The “weird” and unconventional lipstick shades you might think of as fantasy have never looked so high.

“We went so long without lipstick, so long without much makeup, that now, with the return to routine, people are expressing themselves more. Different, playful, futuristic will be on the rise. So I think not only black lips, but also different prepositions. We want to unleash a lot of creativity using makeup. All this is part of this spirited movement”, he added.

Want to invest in different colors? Bruna is in favor! “I think it is good to have a different colour, you can mix it with the colors you already have. For example, if you buy a black lipstick that is in fashion now, but after a few months you don’t want to use it, you can mix it, darken some of your other lipsticks or even That can also create a deep lip outline. Check out the weird lipstick inspirations below:

frozen lips

deeper contours

almost black plum

ombre mouth

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