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What is known about Uruguay’s Sebastian Marcet, drug capo ham

Bolivian police have been desperately searching for Sebastian Marcet, a 32-year-old Uruguayan accused of leading a vast drug-trafficking network in the Southern Cone, since last Saturday, after he fled his Bolivian mansion shortly before He was taken away. Do you know this businessman, football player and family priest who has been a fugitive from justice in Paraguay since February 2022, and is under investigation by Bolivian and Uruguayan authorities for cocaine trafficking and other crimes? – Marihuana and Prison – Sebastian Enrique Marcet Cabrera was born in Montevideo on April 10, 1991. As a teenager he sold marijuana in the neighborhood where he grew up, in 2012, when he was 20, he was prosecuted for reception and, a year later, for felony. In 2013, he was arrested for drug trafficking following the recovery of 170 kg of marijuana. He then stated that he was the recipient of approximately 450 kg of marijuana seized in Uruguay in July 2012, where Juan Domingo “Papacho” Viveros Cartes, uncle of then-President of Paraguay Horacio Cartes (2013–18), was transporting the drug on a plane. did. He was released from jail in 2018. He was put on trial again this year, this time for the murder of Alfredo Rondon, a “childhood friend who had a penchant for narcotics,” according to Uruguayan officials. For this reason, it was removed in 2020. In Uruguay, marcet is not required for justice, although the tax office investigates it for drug trafficking. A link to the 265kg of cocaine hidden in unsecured wooden tables in July before being shipped to Europe cannot be ruled out. He was about to leave for Türkiye. The consular section of Uruguay in the United Arab Emirates reported that he was a football player with false Paraguayan documents. Marcet registered with Paraguayan club Deportivo Capiata on April 16, 2021, where he made his debut on May 29 of the same year. last match. Marset’s Uruguayan passport was issued on October 28, 2021. Three years earlier, he had tried to retrieve the same document in Bolivia, but could not because he had open causes in Uruguay. Months later, the campaign for the passport sparked a political upheaval in Uruguay, where Fiscalía launched an investigation on the subject in September 2022. Against organized crime, “A Ultranza Pie”, after 27 months of intelligence work in collaboration with organizations in the United States (DEA), the European Union (Europol) and Uruguay (DGRTID). Mainly from Bolivia to Paraguay, from where it left Europe via the Paraguay-Paraná waterway, hiding in containers of agricultural products. The organization has been attributed to at least 16 tons of cocaine seized in ports in Belgium and Holland, as well as 4.7 tons of unclaimed cocaine. Paraguay. It has also been indicated to launder money through soccer clubs and churches. Takes a twenty-year-old prisoner, among them Insafran, who was extradited from Brazil to Paraguay in May. Marcet, an anti-narcotics inspector Paraguay calls “the manager of the waterways”, is considered by the Paraguayan authorities to be the “leader of the Primer Cartel Uruguay (PCU)”. Marcelo Pecchi.Schwartzman, a member of the MARSAT organization, was shot in Asuncion on September 12, 2021. Two days after Marsett’s arrest in Dubai. Uruguay’s telephone inquiries related to the crime, but Paraguay’s judge Rosarito Montaña told AFP there was no evidence of his involvement. Pekki was shot and killed on May 10, 2022, during their honeymoon on the Colombian island of Baru. On August 12 this year, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, accused Marcet of assinato. The Colombian tax general, Francisco Barbosa, said without restriction that “there is no possible material element”. On August 18, 2022, in video and audio sent to Uruguay’s Channel 4, a man claiming to be Marcet denied his involvement. In these murders—Red Alert and “multiple identities”—Paraguay ordered an international seizure of Marset in an Interpol Red Alert issued on March 3, 2022. Marcet and his wife, Giannina García Troche, entered Bolivia in September 2022 as Luis Paulo Amorim Santos and Larissa Marques Magdalena, appointed by the Bolivian authorities. Vivian en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where Bolivian government minister, Eduardo del Castillo, manages the Marchate football team Los Leones El Torno FC, which also includes Zugaba. This is Cuadro’s Coat 23 worn at a party in Uruguay this year that was broadcast on YouTube. He also finds himself smiling a lot as a football player of Club Pichirose Juniors. In a video published on TikTok on January 30, 2023, on the account of motorcycle brand Ktm in Santa Cruz. Then there was a dispute over the intercomparous tournament of the Bolivian Carnival. In October 2018 I entered as Uruguayan with my royal name, but in April 2019 I received Bolivian documents as Gabriel de Souza Baumer. In April 2023 he obtained residency in Bolivia as Amorim Santos. After his flight, “he will live with his wife, their four children and his sister from Marseille”, del Castillo.bur/ltl/atm indicated.

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