BLACKPINK’s Jennie is the member who speaks the best Spanish and also performs very well

Followers of K-pop singers, through social networks, jenny from blackpink, they remembered a lot they practiced Spanish before their concerts in Mexico. Furthermore, he mentioned She is the member who studied the most for the “Born Pink Tour” in Mexico City, because of its trials.

Of course, on social networks he shared a video where the “interpreter of”floorPractice a few phrases before you leave the stage. In the images, she is very excited to meet her Mexican fans whom she saw for the first time in the past. 27 and 28 April in Foro Sol.

(Credits: Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

Does BLACKPINK’s Jennie know how to speak Spanish?

all members of black pink son buenas con los idioms, but there’s no doubt jenny it has demonstrated that it is the best speaker Spanish, that he mentioned several phrases during his show in the nation’s capital. Likewise, if I forgot a detail I assumed I had an accordion.

Although she is not an expert in the language, in the material she has circulated on Twitter, she appreciates the precise moment when the artist prepares for his first show in Mexico and studies the phrase: “┬┐Eston listos para esta Noche?” In addition, she is very emotional, as she screams at the top of her voice. On his part, the other members also learned a few words, but Nadi nailed it jenny,

(Credits: Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

Jenny, “Creator of Spanish”

Despite the fact that Mexico is the only Spanish-speaking country the K-pop band has visited, its Latin fans have not given up hope that someday they will reach countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia or Peru. Of course, I expect Jenny to show off her Spanish speaking talent at a concert in these places.

In social networks, Jenny assures that she is so good that it sounds like “I believed” in Spanish. He also shared other material, where he gave Spanish lessons to his partner, Lalisa Manoban, who tried to say “I love you Mexico, but I forgot how to do it.” “Jenny is helping Lisa learn how to say I love you in Spanish,” read the description of the video, which was shared on Twitter by BLINK.

(Credits: Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

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