Barbie song uniting Guns, Foo Fighters and Van Halen hits top 100

success of barbie is undeniable and directed the film greta gerwig Undoubtedly reached the Billboard charts, highlighting songs associated with the hero. margot robbie,

“Barbie World”For example, from nicki minaj it is ice masala, was released before filming began and is currently at number 8 on the Billboard charts. already “Dance the Night”In dua lipaCurrently ranked 12th in the rankings.

It is surprising that it has only recently arrived “I’m Just Ken”music presented by Ryan Gosling Who else was involved in the feature slash (Armas e Rosas), josh freese (Foo Fighters) and Wolfgang Van Halen (Van Halen, Mammoth WVH), bringing together a true team of rock stars.

As AVclub reports, the track controversially peaked at number 87 on the Billboard Hot 100. By the way, the only song close to rock that is on the same list “truck bed”In DaringAn artist who is creating space to unite country, rap and similar genres with more traditional rock.

to give you an idea, the last hit of Foo Fighters that was on the hot 100 “walk”from album wasting Lightwhich debuted in 2011 and peaked at number 83, slightly ahead of “I’m Just Kane”.

What ethics is this for the actor and the film, huh? please note that barbie continues to do well at the box office and has grossed almost R$4 billion to date.

Watch an excerpt from “I’m Just Kane” with visuals barbieIn addition to the complete audio-only version at the end of the article!

Ryan Gosling had a band in the past

In addition to being the star of a musical, talk about Gosling’s singing talent La la Land (2016) with Emma Stone Earlier barbiethey even called a band Dead Man’s Bones,

In 2009, the group released their self-titled album and the song’s lyrics included sinister themes such as death, graveyards, spirits, and other sinister themes. You can learn more about Ryan’s band here.

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