Amazon platform will stop one of the most popular ways for object lovers

Twitch has updated its platform policy and accepted a decision not to allow gambling sponsorship or loot boxes. This new policy ishard hit“for one of the most popular modalities in modern multiplayer games, especially in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, where one of its attractive features is the purchase and sale of skins of weapons, gloves and knives, reaching values”huge“.

The purpose of this new restriction is avoid promoting pages that encourage gambling. This information is available on the Twitch Streaming Community Policies and Guidelines website. The platform has made clear its absolute opposition to the sponsorship of these games and states the following:

“No, our policy prohibits advertising or sponsorship of games with skins.”

The new Twitch restriction may somehow affect well-known streamers such as Ohnepixel, Dr. DisRespect and Ninja as they often open multiple loot boxes and spend significant amounts of money on each stream. However, the impact is not so much on the act of opening loot boxes, but on the fact that during these broadcasts, some of these players often show commercial or pop-up ads from gambling sites and skinswhich will no longer be allowed on the platform.

On the other hand, it also goes hand in hand with the intention to prevent young people from being negatively affected by what they see with their own eyes. streamers favorites. As we mentioned earlier, some of these streamers are spending large sums of money to open loot boxes in games like “CS:GO” and the Amazon-owned platform wants to prevent it from becoming a means of negatively influencing minors.

Concerns about loot boxes in video games and their potential impact on children have extended to governments as well. The UK, for example, is looking at ways to limit the use of loot boxes for children in video games. They claim that this practice “should not be allowed“And it requires regulation to protect minors.

The UK government is considering * LIMITING children’s loot boxes in video games.

They say that “children and youth should not be allowed to buy in-game loot boxes… without parental consent.”

This may break Roblox games if more protections are passed!

It’s important to note that this is not the first step Twitch has taken against loot boxes and gambling. Already in 2022, the platform made a statement in which he explained that he had updated his policy to be stricter on these titles.

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