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August 3, 2023 – Spiral Up Games is pleased to announce the release of affogato next August 17 on Steam (trailer, Steam page, press kit). The game, which is the debut of indie developer Befun Studio, offers over 10 hours of contentwhere you can enjoy the adventure Exploratory role play as Affogato, a witch who manage your own cafe in the city of Arora. Hone your barista skills by learning the stories of your neighbors and customers. You will see that some of them are haunted, which will make you enter their minds and come face to face with their demons. 30 phases battles in stylereverse tower defense“, in which you will use an arsenal of powerful witch letters with a unique design.

Set in Arorua, a bustling city of perpetual night, Affogato promises a unique gaming experience aesthetically brought to life with stunning anime-style visuals. Immerse yourself in the captivating story of a sorceress who runs her canteen and masters the intricate art of coffee brewing. Build meaningful bonds with various clients, get inside their minds to defeat their inner demons, and strategize battles using a series of unique witch cards. Accept your destiny and embark on your path to become the sorceress who brings light to Arorua.

Aldrick Chang, CEO of Spiral Up Games commented: “We are happy to finally announce the official release date for Affogato. We can’t wait to see our community of players immerse themselves in a unique combination of magical stories, cafeteria management challenges, and an innovative approach to strategic tower defense battles. We can’t wait to see how it’s received by RPG, strategy and anime fans around the world.“.

main features

Innovative reverse tower style gameplay – Embark on a unique journey into the minds of your customers and engage in strategic “reverse tower defense” battles against their inner demons. With constantly changing landscapes and tactical requirements, each stage promises a new exciting experience.

Collect Powerful Witch Cards: Collect a dynamic roster of unique Witch Cards, your trusted allies in battle. Each card has its own abilities and powers, which allows you to create your ideal team and overcome all difficulties strategically.

Forge special friendships by helping your customers: Build relationships with a wide variety of customers. Listen to their stories, help them resolve their inner conflicts, and become the friendly sorceress you aspire to be.

Master the art of coffee making: In addition to being a wizard, you can hone your skills as a professional barista by learning a variety of coffee recipes. Discover dialogues and hidden stories that adapt to your customers’ preferences and offer the perfect infusion.

Discover unique side quests in the city: The Eternal Night City of Arorua is full of side quests that add depth to the main story. Step outside the café and immerse yourself in the bustling life of the city. Every corner has a potential story waiting to be uncovered.

About Spiral Up Games

Spiral Up is an international publisher of high quality indie PC games based in Singapore. His team members are veterans with years of experience developing and marketing indie games. Our mission is to find the hidden gems of the indie market and turn them into sparkling diamonds for gamers around the world to enjoy and admire. Contact us for a non-binding chat or show us your amazing demo.

About Befun Studio

Befun Studio is a Shanghai-based indie game studio founded in 2019 by a team united by a love for all things anime. His passion for anime and gaming comes to life with Affogato, his first of many upcoming titles.

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