A very typical Spanish snack that has more probiotics than yogurt.

Cucumbers are an excellent source of probiotics.

By now we all know that probiotic products necessary for intestinal health, and we immediately think about yogurt or in kefir. But probiotics are also present in simple foods that have been consumed in Spain for a long time. We refer to pickles which usually accompany olives and remain on the plate most of the time.


When we talk about probiotic-rich pickles, we mean homemade cucumbers.

fermentation this is the method preservation food that has been used since ancient times. In fact, wine, beer, yogurt, cheese or pickles are the result of this age-old technique.

In particular, pickles are the result of the lacto-fermentation process, which converts sugars in food into acids and is activated in the presence of salt water (brine) and lack of oxygen.

When the bacteria and yeast of gherkins, carrots, cauliflower, radishes, or onions (any vegetable we want to cook in brine) undergo this process, they convert the vegetable’s carbohydrates into lactic acid producing probiotic strains (This is why the process is called lacto-fermentation, not because milk is involved) which gives the brine its characteristic taste. This acid inhibits the formation of pathogens and allows food to be preserved.

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