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If since the dawn of pop culture, fanatics have formed an essential element in the enthronement of a song’s idol, when boy bands became a rage in the 1990s, they took it upon themselves to guarantee that time. consolidated as an important factor for The training will stand above the rest. The old structure of fan clubs, which shared information about the artists they admired and deployed activities intended to reveal their preferences, was replaced by various methods prepared by record companies to establish an interpreter. Involve yourself in strategies.

In the third millennium, social networks became a powerful tool for these purposes: what had previously been transmitted through face-to-face meetings or postal mail became untraceable virtual traffic, with followers being the main fanclubs of musicians’ official websites. Walked around the profile. That number is in the millions. What previously required long hours of work can now be managed in a matter of minutes, and with the global reach, has reinforced the implications of these spontaneous associations as part of the music commercialization system.

For example, the phenomenon of K-pop would be incomprehensible if it did not exist for this milestone, in which girls from all over the planet become infected with their passion for the music genre (and for some of the figures of this genre), in the process of I through. Can only be extended to web and smart phone applications. The content of likes, reproductions and comments have acquired an excellent value in the universe of the music industry, which prioritizes these data when honoring a new celebrity, in the same way as in the past they were any other type of account. Property.

The British boy band One Direction, which emerged from the reality show “The X Factor,” based their massive rise on this new model of fandom, which worked to perfection during the six years I was active. In the aftermath of the group’s disbandment, its former members tried to break through as solo artists, and in this challenge they attracted (with more or less success) those who enthusiastically followed the band’s trajectory. Was. And now, after the severe trauma of separation, they prepare themselves to face the crisis each of them alone.

Grace Dumdaw, born in Myanmar in 1999 and raised in the United States, was one of those fans who struggled not to lose sight of Zayn Malik’s footsteps once One Direction closed its circle , who was the first of that group to start his journey. There are Suyos posts on social networks that believe that this favoritism for Zayn started when she was a teenager, long before she emerged as a photographer, actress and singer. Due to this show business, she got a very pleasant surprise this year when her idol singer called her to appear with him in a video clip.

“Love Like This” is the name of the song which, in its audio-visual format uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, shows Zayn in motoquero mode, with a girl as a companion, who turns out to be Grace Dumdaw. It is neither more nor less. Also in fictional stars in love scenes with the former One Direction. Dumdaw seems to be any fanatic’s dream come true, and that’s why he’s become a symbol of sorts for the legion of teenagers who at the time considered English boy bands their favourites.

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