5 games that should have come out in 2023… and we’re still waiting

In the world of video games, we had to admit that the game is delayed, as good and normal. If the release date is dangerously close and the creative team sees that there is still work to be done, then postpone it. This happens not only with small games, but also with others from large studios who always look out for our good. saying it’s so repetitive that they do it in an effort to “offer the best user experience.”

The thing is, we have no other choice but to screw ourselves up, tease ourselves and put up with what we have, we believe in it, because in the end the case will not be completed until someone in the studio gives the green light to launch. Only then can we check whether such a delay due to the calendar of several years is rewarded or not.


There were quite a few video games this 2023 that had to be postponed until next year and beyond, so this time we bring you five examples that touched us the most personally. Nothing more to say, let’s get started.

blue protocol

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of Genshin Impact, this MMORPG that has become a sensation. Well, Capcom has announced its own version that promises to take the crown from the South Korean title and, frankly, looks pretty good. Although it will be released this year, it will finally be released next year 2024.

The Wolf Among Us 2

Telltale has a series of legendary games like The Walking Dead version or many movie adaptations. However, its original title “The Wolf Among Us”, inspired by classic fairy tales, is liked by many. Its sequel was announced for the same year 2023, but it was postponed in order to polish some things.

arc 2

The continuation of what, for many, is the quintessential survival game, certainly deserves attention. Promising gamers a game that will do more than its predecessor, we were heartbroken when it was announced that it would finally not be released until the end of 2024. We have to wait another year and a half for the truth that is killing us.

Skull and Bones

There are a few more Ubisoft sticks left to give away. Now it’s the turn of the pirates, who, although introduced to us in the company’s previous games, will now have their own solo adventure. To put it mildly, with spectacular trailers. the hype was through the roof, which made us suffer even more when it was finally confirmed that it would be released next year. which comes instead.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

This title, which promised to resurrect DC in video games and which was originally supposed to be released at the same time as James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” (2 years ago), was ready to be released, but, overnight a delay of more than 10 months was announced which left the fans very cold and desperate. The whole situation is terrible.

And you? Which of these games are you looking forward to the most?

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