The MCU Could Learn From X-Men: Evolution’s Wanda Maximoff

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still grappling with Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) evil turn. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Some were displeased to see the protagonist unexpectedly turn evil, while others enjoyed Olsen’s performance and his terrifying newfound power. While there are certainly plenty of comics Marvel could figure out where to go with Wanda from here, another lesser-known option to draw inspiration from could be her appearance in the animated series. X-Men: Evolution,

Although less known than in the 90s X Men series, X-Men: Evolution Still deserves a lot of respect. It follows the high school years of the X-Men and their enemies, the Brotherhood, as they come into conflict with large-scale villains such as Magneto and Mystique, as well as Apocalypse. Wanda first appears in Season 2, she is introduced to a mental institution struggling to control her powers and seeks revenge on her father, Magneto, for keeping her there. She helps and defeats the X-Men in the season finale, before seeking revenge throughout Season 3. However, Magneto uses Mastermind’s abilities to remove his dark memories, allowing him to move forward as a more stable anti-hero that the MCU could use. as inspiration.

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How Wanda’s X-Men: Evolution Arc Differs From The MCU

X-Men Evolution Scarlet Witch is using her powers.

Wanda’s Arch Inn X-Men: Evolution It’s probably the best adaptation to focus on his relationship with his father and brother. While an important part of her character in the comics, the MCU’s lack of rights to the expanded X-Men roster meant that Magneto’s significant role in Wanda’s life was not possible. But since Wanda and Pietro joined the Avengers, many fans have wanted this mystery solved. age of Ultron This way, whenever the MCU eventually got the rights to use the X-Men, their MCU backstory could be integrated into the comic book version.

X-Men: EvolutionWanda’s backstory could serve as a useful template for her next big screen arc. It offers the beloved Avenger a chance for redemption after his dark and seemingly irreparable turn in the previous film. It also provides a possible means of integrating her back story with Magneto’s, and potentially concludes a part of her story that fans would like to see resolved: her motivation for attacking the Avengers in the first place.

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How Using X-Men: Evolutionary Chronicles Could Reshape Wanda’s Character

Agatha Harkness from WandaVision and Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Mastermind’s abilities to alter Wanda’s memories can be used by Magneto to accomplish much. as he did in X-Men: Evolution, The MCU version of Magneto may reveal that he used Mastermind to alter Wanda and Pietro’s childhood memories, writing in a backstory with Stark Missile, to give them a reason to hate humans and possible revenge. Can go The person who actually abandoned him and his brother. It could also provide a means to introduce the idea of ​​Wanda and Pietro as mutants, rather than by-products of an experiment, and provide a reason to drastically alter her character’s trajectory without going back on her actions. Can do. variety of madness His mind had been manipulated and his story was not what it seemed.

X-Men: Evolution Wanda was always well respected. He integrated the raw power of the Scarlet Witch comic with tragedy and redemption. Given the controversial nature of the MCU’s direction for Wanda madness multiverse, A radical revamp or reboot of her character appears to be necessary for future installments. X-Men: Evolution It’s a unique look at the cast of iconic mutants, with less exposure than in the ’90s movies or series, and it just might be the roadmap the MCU should follow.

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