Jeremy Renner emerges fully recovered after leaving the party; Look

Jeremy Renner, 52, made a rare appearance in Los Angeles this weekend. The ‘Hawkeye’ actor was leaving actress Kate Beckinsale’s 50th birthday party with Casey Affleck, 47, when they were spotted by the paparazzi. On January 1 this year, he had a serious accident with his snowplow.

According to the Daily Mail, several stars attended the party including Demi Moore, Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato. At that moment, Jeremy appeared smiling next to his friend, who had practically recovered, which attracted the attention of passers-by.

On social networks, Kate celebrated the presence of friends on her birthday, which she called “the most incredible.” He wrote, “Thank you all and especially everyone.” Last week, they were seen partying at a karaoke bar.

remember the accident

In April, Jeremy revealed details and showed photos of the accident that nearly killed him in an interview with ABC News. In the images, you can see the unrecognizable star in a bloodied snow, in the hospital and with family members. At that time, the actor admitted that he became the victim of the accident due to his own fault and that he jumped in front of the vehicle to save his 27-year-old nephew, Alexander Fries.

Jeremy explains that he and Alex were trying to pull a car out of the snow. As the nephew released the chain connecting both vehicles after pulling them out of the snow, the equipment began to slide on the snow. That’s when Rainer, worried about his nephew, took one foot off the plough, looked back and forgot to apply the handbrake. Fearing that the vehicle would come down and hit Alex hard, Reiner tried to jump back and retrieve the plow. He lost his balance and fell from the cab of the vehicle and was crushed to death.

Alex ran for help, and neighbors Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher came to her rescue. The couple remembers trying to keep the actor alive for 21 minutes while waiting for paramedics. As could be heard on the emergency call, Rainer was moaning loudly while lying on the asphalt. Fletcher said, “It was the sound of someone dying.”

“When I saw his head, it was as if it was split open and I could see the white colour. I don’t know if it was his skull or not, maybe it’s just my imagination, but that’s what I thought I saw. So I knew it was serious,” Kovach recalled.

“I’m sure there was some blood coming out of his ear, and then his eye looked like it had been pierced (…) At one point, it felt like a sticky feeling and turned grayish-green.” Went. I really feel like he died for a few seconds,” he added.


Rainer was airlifted to a hospital in Reno. As soon as he arrived, the actor gestured to the family members saying, ‘I am sorry’. He explained in an interview: “I mean, I did this to him (…) It’s my responsibility, I feel bad that my actions caused so much pain.”

Rainer’s injuries were so severe that he wrote a farewell letter to his family in the hospital. During this he cried. In the letter he said: “Don’t let me live on tubes in a machine, if my existence is based on drugs and painkillers, let me go now”.

Eight of Jeremy’s ribs were broken in 14 places; The right knee, right ankle and tibia of the left leg were broken; left ankle, right collarbone and right shoulder were broken; broken face, eye socket, mandible and mandible; collapsed lung; Liver pierced by rib.

Rainer’s ribs and eye sockets were reconstructed with metal plates and screws, and his jaw was fixed with rubber bands and screws. A titanium rod was fitted in his broken leg.

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