Spanish brand that sells exclusive and controversial sandals designed by Kanye West

Newcoop has sold over 200 pairs worth over 45,000 Euros

The adidas Yeezy Slides are a fabulous and distinctive sandal. Instagram: @newcopstore

Las Slide In adidas yeezy They are one of the most exclusive and fabulous sandals of the recent times. But they have also gone through a veritable revolution. Last October, Adidas severed its collaboration with the model’s designer, Kanye West, who has repeatedly made racist and anti-Semitic comments. The alliance between the sportswear firm and the American began in 2015 and was established adidas like one of them Most Important Urban Fashion Houses, In 2019, the entrepreneur reportedly made more than $150 million with Yeezy separately, but in 2022, after months of rumors, they finally parted ways.

Now, newcop You have Zapatillas in your catalog. This brand is a Barcelona project for the sale of limited edition footwear and has already sold more than 200 pairs with a price on them 45,000 Euro In just three months. As the house tells you its secret is basic: take it to the point of sale limited release shoes And with high demand due to its low production.

the model is there minimalist expression from there deluxe sandals, Its construction consists of Sole Pizza and Kuentan with an exaggerated and slightly generic look which makes it look like the most ‘fashion’ and is a reference to other brands. The Suella is lined and padded, making them both comfortable and stylish. are available in neutral color is also in the form of black, brown or beige more adventurous optionLike lemon yellow, blue or green.

There are many models in different colors.


They are available and sold in all colors on the Newcoop web page from 180 euro to 260Depends on model and size.

the brand matters of physical storesAdd barcelona and another madridApart from its ‘Ecommerce’ and its online service ensures product delivery within 48 hours.

they are behind the project david camprubi And its catalog includes over 9,000 limited edition ‘sneakers’.

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