Tristan Thompson’s brother clarifies over comments against Khloe

brother of Tristan Thompson, dishon thompsonTrying to clarify on his recent post on Instagram where he appeared to criticize ex-sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian And his family profited from the death of his mother, Andrea, by mentioning the situation on the last episode of the reality show “The Kardashians.”

According to the press, Tristan may have ‘pulled the ear’ of the 28-year-old, and has now denied in a statement that he was disrespecting Khloe Kardashian or her family.

In another post on Instagram Stories, Dishonor clarified that he wasn’t accusing Khloe, though he didn’t specify who his comment was aimed at:

He wrote, “Relax y’all, this was not meant for Khloe or her family.” “Khloe has been true to me and my brothers since day one,” he added.

He further added, “I would never try to ‘hit’ any woman, especially on social media. Please don’t speak for me.”, he concluded without further explanation.

After Khloe Kardashian honored Tristan Thompson’s little brother Amari on his 17th birthday, the basketball player’s other brother, DeShawn Thompson, 28, lashed out at the former sister-in-law on social media, accusing him and his family. use the death of his mother Andrea Thompson — who died of cardiac arrest at home in January — as a plot point for his show “The Kardashians.”

Via Instagram stories, Disha released her shade:

“Death by a conspiracy 🤔,” he wrote. “Don’t believe everything you see or hear on social media, 95% is a lie,” he said in another story.

Dishon’s comments were published hours after the last episode of the reality show, which was based on Andrea’s death, aired.

In the episode, Khloe talks about her decision to move special needs Amari to Los Angeles to live with her, fulfilling a promise she made to her former mother-in-law to care for the boy, who The legal guardian is now Tristan Thompson following Andrea’s death.

Despite Dishaan’s claims, Amari seems to be fitting in perfectly with her family.

On Thursday (27), Khloe shared pictures of the teen celebrating her birthday at a party she threw at her home in Los Angeles.

“Someone turned 17 today!!!! Happy birthday dear Amari!!! We are all so lucky to have been touched by an angel like you… You are truly one of God’s greatest treasures,” he captioned the post.

Tristan was also present at the celebration and posted a photo of himself sitting next to his little brother.

“Happy birthday to my darling little brother Amari! I will love you forever! We miss you mom ❤️”, the basketball player wrote in the caption of the photo.

In the new episode of the reality show “The Kardashians”, which aired on the Star+ platform on Thursday (27), it was revealed that Khloe Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the father of her two children, are living together again following the tragic death of his mother, Andrea Thompson, who died earlier this year at the age of 53.

In the show’s Season 3 finale, viewers saw Khloe, 39, and her sister Kim Kardashian drop everything to travel to Canada to be with Tristan after hearing the news.

“It’s been a tough week and it’s been really tough for everybody,” Kris Jenner said in one scene. “We are just trying to understand what just happened. I think we were all in shock.”

“Tristan called me, I didn’t really understand what he was saying. He was yelling into the phone, trying to tell me she was gone, but I didn’t know who he was talking about. I was very close to Andrea. We talked every day… Andrea is only 53 and leaves behind four kids, Tristan, DeShawn, Daniel and Amari, and Amari is 16 and severely disabled and it’s so sad , because we don’t know what he knows, cognitively. ”, commented the show.

In the confessional, Kim Kardashian recalled the difficult moment everyone in the family faced:

“When we were in Toronto, we had to clean her apartment and do everything from life insurance policies to phones and credit cards and how to close the funeral… We just, you know, had to bring Amari Had to prepare everything for the rear. It’s a huge life changer and a lot to think about.”

Kim later comments to Khloe: “Isn’t God funny? You were all set to have your year of freedom (after Tristan’s breakup) and now, Tristan has to move in with you, your little brother has to move in with you, your roof has collapsed… what are the possibilities? You can’t even do that…you know.”

Khloe replied, “That’s the number one tagline I always use: ‘Want to make God laugh?’ Tell him your plans.”

But Khloe Kardashian clarifies: “Tristan and I are not together again. I know it’s hard for everyone to believe this, but I love Andrea and I love Tristan and I love Amari and that’s family. Tristan is my children’s father… I’ve lost my father, and my father was like a fairytale father, but I still can’t understand my mother’s passing, and I know Tristan is very close to his mother. You were so close, and breaking your heart, and being left in charge of someone else… It’s too much.”

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