Prices may reach BRL 32.7 million

Luxury brands that import their unique creations have begun to produce even more daring handbag models. Nothing seems to bring together diamonds, chains and unusual shapes to convey a sense of exclusivity. In such a situation, artists like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham follow these trends. Check out the top 10 most expensive handbags in the world.

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10th place: Chanel Diamond Forever – BRL 1.2 million

Alligator leather and white gold details are used in this creation by stylist Karl Lagerfeld. Another highlight is the 334-diamond clasp, presented by Chanel at the Cinema Against AIDS auction organized by amfAR.

9th Place: Hermès Matte Alligator Faubourg Birkin – BRL 1.5 million

Hermès decided to reproduce on one of their storefronts a bag made from goat and crocodile skins. Therefore, it has become one of the most desired pieces at auction that seeks to provide collectibles.

8th Place: Hermes Feather Embroidery Cellier Mosaic Kelly – R$1.7 million

Once again, Hermes was present at an auction, this time in Hong Kong, where a Cellier was sold for US$352,000, equivalent to R$1.7 million. The geometric collage and palladium fittings draw attention to the accessories.

7th place: Hermes Himalaya Crocodile Diamond Birkin – R$1.9 million

Birkin is manufactured from unique stones, with gold and diamonds referencing the Himalayan mountains. In this process, Niloticus crocodile leather is used, a species that is not so easy to find and requires years to cure.

6th place: Lana Marx Cleopatra – R$1.9 million

Full of sophistication, Lana Marx reproduces an Egyptian-inspired clutch that was in the hands of great actresses. The entire piece is crafted from crocodile leather and encrusted with 40-karat black diamonds and yellow gold.

5th Place: Hermès Himalaya Crocodile Return Kelly – BRL 2.5 million

In the middle of the list, prices reach another level, Hermès brings out a style that preserves the characteristics of the crocodile body. After the launch of the first model, animal print entered the brand’s portfolio.

4th place: Hermès Ginza Tanaka Birkin – BRL 9.2 million

If you found the bags on this list to be expensive, then the Ginza Tanaka will exceed your expectations. There is no other instance of collecting 2,000 diamonds, as only one unit was carefully crafted.

3rd place: Hermès Chen d’Ancre Pierre Hardy – BRL 9.7 million

Model designer Pierre Hardy was invited to develop a model associated with the fine jewelry. Like the previous piece, it has at least 11,000 diamonds making the chain comfortable and modern in style.

2nd place: Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond – BRL 18.5 million

To be included in the 2010 Guinness Book of Records, it required the collective effort of many workers. Every detail is crafted with 4,517 white diamonds, making this exclusive bag one of the most valuable in the world.

1st place: Debbie Wingham Upcycled Easter Egg – R$ 32.7 million

This mystery bag was developed by Debbie Wingham after a customer gave her scarves and jewelry to reuse. Therefore, apart from being the only one, it also has the attraction of being made from reused materials.

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