Megan Fox Asked for Money to Help a Friend and Ended Up Facing Criticism: “It Must Be a Joke”

Megan Fox has been criticized on social media for asking for financial help for a friend’s father. “He was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. If you can help, please do so,” the actress posted on Instagram, providing a link to a crowdfunding site.

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The man with pancreatic cancer is the father of celebrity manicurist Brittany Boyce. According to some comments from angry netizens, Megan Fox is not on the site’s list of donors, but apparently the actress may have contacted the Boyce family directly.

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“My father is only 64, he still works and has no plans to retire in the near future. He’s missed days of work so far, and I think he’ll miss days more. My goal here is to help you with your expenses so that you can focus on your recovery and not worry about anything else, explained Brittany Boyce.

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Several critical comments came just minutes after Megan Fox’s post. “If I had as much money as he has, I would have paid for my friend’s father’s medical expenses in full before asking strangers for help,” was one of the responses. Here is another negative comment: “The sharing of a link by Megan Fox to collect 30 thousand dollars (about 27 thousand euros) must be a joke. As if she wasn’t so rich.”

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