Lula moves forward in the Marielle case and also points to gambling; history doesn’t recommend flirting

After seven months in office, the president’s traditional constituency luiz inacio lula da silva Does not complain about electoral fraud. In recent days, the government has also given two approvals of political and symbolic importance. First, he announced a package of measures to combat the violence, and then the federal police proceeded to investigate the councilwoman’s murders. mariel franco and driver Anderson Gomes,

The government’s interest in ending a policy of arming the population, which strips the armed forces and police of their distinctiveness even with high-calibre weapons, and a political crime with international repercussions, is interpreted in the third Lula’s predictions. Was. victory in the presidential election. This is the minimum counter-argument of the speech against the life of the previous administration.

Lula Govt Refers MP To Congress To Regulate Online Sports Betting; The game lobby in the Chamber, led by Arthur Lira, moves to expand the scope of the measure. Photo: Adriano Machado/Reuters

This week, what no one has questioned is that, less than 24 hours after the PF’s revelations about the killings in Rio and four days after the Ministry of Justice announced public security operations, the government has Sent a provisional measure to Congress to regularize the bar and for all. Online sports betting, betting practice. This is not a general release of gambling, but an incentive for the opening of casinos, bingo and slot machines. So much so that the lobbying of the game is led by the President in the House. arthur lira (PP-AL), goes on to expand the scope of measurement. Lira will no longer need to be spent on trips to Las Vegas.

Finance Minister, Fernando Haddad, argues that there is a legal void. Online betting sector is a reality and still based on government legislation michelle tamer, To act. The way it is, it’s a floodplain, with no judges and no rules to stop pushing and hand-to-hand goals.

An even more compelling argument is that the measure would increase tax collections and, by extension, allow for social investment. This is the speech of hundred years. In the 19th century, the Baron of Drummond produced a card with animal faces to finance the Villa Isabel Zoo. Over time, the idea created to improve the lives of animals spread. But due to lack of money the zoo was closed. Now, Haddad wants to believe that the same proposal will solve people’s lives.

In the 19th century, the Baron of Drummond produced a card with animal faces to finance the Villa Isabel Zoo.

In the past, presidents have taken tough measures against gambling. After defeating Brigadier Eduardo Gomes in the presidential race, Gen. Yurico Gaspar Dutra In 1946, a rival project to outlaw gambling was put into practice. The version is that Doña Santinha, the first lady, a Catholic woman, convinced her husband to put an end to this perversion. In turn, Getulistas said that Dutra only responded to the request of the UDN and the Church in a “vindictive” way. History will disprove the fact that the Casino da Urca and Quitandinha in Petrópolis became annexes of the Palacio do Catete.

President Eurico Gaspar Dutra outlawed gambling in 1946; There was a version that Doña Santinha persuaded her husband to put an end to this mutilation; History will disprove the fact that the Casino da Urca and Quitandinha became annexes of the Palacio do Catête. Photo: Jose Medeiros/Moreira Salles Institute Collection

Both were symbols of casino culture, presenting artists as well as the extravagance of the Estado Novo elite. In them the agreements of the Republic were signed, finalized or celebrated. Alzira Vargas, the president’s daughter, was a regular. Bezo Vargas, the brother, displayed his violence at the baccarat tables, throwing punches, urinating on people, and pointing his gun at those who criticized the government.

More recently, in 2004, Lula took a hard line against the Games in order to prevent the collapse of his first government. After a tirade from the speech on funding social programs, he issued a bill banning bingo and slot machines. I didn’t want to hear the argument that this sector employs a lot of people. It was a step taken in a political crisis. Valdomiro DinizThe Deputy Chief of the Civil House was, in 2002, recorded demanding a bribe from a cattle entrepreneur. Like Dutra, Lula was also taught that the gambling mob could easily get into the structure of government.

Recent history also shows the influence of the betting sector on public life. In Rio, the state that currently leads the list of murders of politicians and public agents, Deaths in Politics Caused by a Combination of Militia and Gambling, Baixada Fluminense, a center of political crime, highlights clear links between gambling and murder, with ten deaths in the past three years.

The case of Mariel illustrates the connection between gambling and criminality with facts. Ronnie LessaThe former police officer who was accused of being the councilwoman’s main killer was the security guard of the Andrade family, one of the main clans involved in the crime. He had 80 slot machines in Barra da Tijuca.

the arrest of Ronnie Lessa, a former police officer who is accused of being Marielle’s prime killer; He had 80 slot machines in Barra da Tijuca. Photo: Lucas Landau/Reuters

political history forgotten adriano da nobrega, a former police officer who set up an office specializing in assassinations. The rapist was his main customer. He was also involved in the cracking scheme of the then State Deputy flavio bolsonaroReceived Honor from Federal Deputy jair bolsonaro in camera. Nóbrega was killed in 2020 by the police of Bahia, together with the police of Rio, during the government of Rui Costa, who is today the Minister of the Civil House. In the official version, he was killed in battle. It is more accurate to say that the operation resulted in the loss of one life and the command’s crime file.,

In nearly 80 years of illegal gambling, the state has not stopped partnering crime with the region. It is also a fact that online betting companies take advantage of the lack of clear rules to avoid paying taxes. However, a look at history shows that the debate is not just about taxation or practicality.

By the way, the government does not usually involve sports, health and human rights holders in debates that go far beyond the economic sphere. At least publicly, Ana Moser, Nicia Trinde and Silvio de Almeida also showed no interest in discussing the effects of the Games in their fields. The Esplanada is not to be fired upon by the Focus Centroio today.

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