Lewis Hamilton decides to move away from Shakira? This is the whole truth – News

Last week, news appeared in the international press that Lewis Hamilton had made a tough decision regarding Shakira.

The pilot and the singer have been linked in recent months, but Hamilton was said to be “tired” of Shakira, which sounds like nothing more than a lie.

Renowned journalist Jordi Martin, who has provided many first-hand information about the Colombian artist, now says he has contacted Shakira’s team and has new information about Lewis Hamilton’s alleged removal.

“A few days ago, information appeared in a Catalan newspaper that Hamilton may have banned Shakira from entering F1 because he was tired of her. I contacted the singer’s representative and they told me everything Deprived”, Jordi said.

The journalist also added that Hamilton left a ‘like’ on Shakira’s last post, which helps prove that all is well between the two.

It is worth remembering that this relationship has not yet been acknowledged by either of the protagonists, although they have been photographed together on a few occasions.

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