Justin Bieber to release new album and tour Latin America in 2024

It was in January of this year, when the 29-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter, Justin Bieber, he sold his music catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital by plus $ 200 million, which is composed of 290 topics in total.

“For more than a decade, Justin Bieber has entertained and moved us with some of the world’s biggest songs. I am so proud of him and all those involved over the years in helping to amass this incredible body of work.”, expressed Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber he added that they found the best partner to preserve the Canadian’s catalog.

On the other hand, it only took a couple of weeks for it to become known that the interpreter of Baby there was cancelled definitely your World Tour ‘Justice World Tour’, since, from the 28 February the beliebers they began to receive several emails specifying that their concerts had been cancelled so they would be made a refund. Leaving millions of their fans sad and disappointed at the news.

Justin Bieber may announce retirement after releasing new album

However, this would not be the only reason why their beliebers they would be sad, because only a couple of days later a rumor began to emerge in which it was pointed out that Justin Bieber he would announce his retirement of music after releasing his next studio album.

“Justin feels the pressure of the music business is not good for him. He just wants to disappear with Hailey and enjoy his money. They got married very young and didn’t know what they were getting into, and since then there have been ups and downs. It put more pressure on the relationship. Justin tends to take it out on Hailey. It makes her want to give up, she doesn’t understand why marriage has to be so hard.”, expressed a close friend of the Canadian to Radar Online.

Justin Bieber to announce new album and World Tour with Mexico included

However, in recent weeks a new rumor began to emerge in which it was mentioned that Justin Bieber that in the last quarter of 2023, premiere a new album to subsequently embark on a spin the tour World Cup where Mexico would be included.

It should be noted that these rumors arose due to the fact that the performer of Peaches he was caught on several occasions leaving a recording studio located in Los Angeles, California. As if that were not enough, these rumors would indicate that the record material would include a couple of collaborations with international artists, including, BTS ‘ Jungkook who recently premiered the single in English Seven in collaboration with the rapper Latto.

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